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For World Animal Day: SkyUp joins Happy Paw Campaign “Find your fur friends in shelters”

04 Oct 2020

In an ideal world, there would be no shelters because there would be no stray animals. To bring this time closer, we, as a pet friendly airline, join the Happy Paw Shelter Animal Adoption Campaign, which kicks off for World Animal Welfare Day.

All cats and dogs that are taken from the shelters participating in the campaign by the end of the year will always be transported free of charge on our flights.

We know how air travel changes people's lives. And we decided to try to apply this “magic” so that to change the lives of stray animals and help them find loving homes. We’ll be glad to meet the lucky fur pets on our flights together with their new owners”, says Marianna Grigorash, Head of SkyUp Airlines Marketing Department.

From 4 October to 31 December 2020, adopt an animal from one of the Happy Paw partner shelters, and together with your new furry friend, you will receive a certificate with a reusable promotional code for free transportation of your pet on SkyUp Airlines wings without any restrictions on the number of flights. The promotional code is used for trips together with pets, tickets for which will be purchased starting from 1 January 2021.

Shelters that participate in the campaign: Best Friends, Manana, Big Heart, To give a good hand, BIM, Home where love lives, Happy Dog, OCS.

Become a hero for an adult dog or cat

Adult animals in shelters rarely get the chance to become pets, although most of them once had a home. To give such animals the opportunity to live to the end of their lives surrounded by love and care is real heroism.

In addition, when choosing an adult dog or cat, you at the same time choose a friend and partner who is suitable in character and does not need to be brought up.

Find your fur friends in shelters and discover Ukraine and the world together. On our part, we’ll make the joy of traveling together with pets more affordable for you.