Supporting Ukraine, Growing Number of ACMI Contracts, and Launching the Airline in the EU: SkyUp™ Sums Up The Results of 2023 · p. 475 - SkyUp Airlines
Supporting Ukraine, Growing Number of ACMI Contracts, and Launching the Airline in the EU: SkyUp™ Sums Up The Results of 2023

Supporting Ukraine, Growing Number of ACMI Contracts, and Launching the Airline in the EU: SkyUp™ Sums Up The Results of 2023

28 Jan 2024

While the airspace over Ukraine remains closed to civilian aviation for the past two years, SkyUp™ is making every possible effort to continue operations. In 2023, we operated 10,528 flights*, transported over 1.5 million passengers*, kept a team of 1,139 professionals*, and paid almost UAH 200 million in taxes*. We have also contributed to the evacuations of Ukrainians, collaborated with United24 Fund, and initiated our own social projects.

More countries, flights, and contracts


10 528


1 546 432

Countries / Routes

53 / 664

During the last year SkyUp™ planes could be mostly seen at Chisinau — we made 2,000 flights from and to this airport. In general, the list of the most popular countries* in 2023 is the next:



2000 flights



1685 flights



1219 flights



675 flights



556 flights

Under ACMI contracts, we cooperated with Tunisair, FlyOne, HiSky SRL, HiSky Europe SRL, Wizz Air Malta, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, Corendon Dutch, Tailwind Airlines, and FlyEgypt. As a result, in the summer of 2023,  ch-aviation included SkyUp Airlines in the list of the top 20 largest ACMI service providers in the European sky.

* According to SkyUp™ internal statistics
** The results are relative to the indicators of 2022

New opportunities

An important stage in the development of the SkyUp brand was the full entry into the European market. In May 2023, we achieved a significant milestone by obtaining an operator's certificate (AOC), a CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization) certificate, and an Airworthiness License (AOL) for SkyUp MT. This development has opened up new opportunities for the airline to execute contracts under ACMI conditions and launch regular flights from Europe in future. Currently, SkyUp MT operates two Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The head office is located in Malta.

SkyUp Airlines has also obtained permission to operate in the USA under a foreign air carrier certificate FAR129. Additionally, the airline can now offer ACMI services and charter flights from other countries to Canada, thanks to the FAOC foreign carrier certificate

SkyUpТМ is committed to implementing modern technologies to improve its processes. In 2023, SkyUp Airlines signed an agreement with IBS Software to modernize its distribution and implement new solutions that will help increase revenues and improve service systems.

The airline has also begun implementing a cutting-edge aviation security risk management system from Osprey Flight Solutions. The system integrates adaptive data collection, event prediction, automatic alerts, and prioritization to continuously monitor changes and instantly adjust risk assessments. The Osprey system also sends relevant messages for further decision-making on possible changes to routes, flight schedules, and more. The airline has already completed staff training and software launch.

A reliable partner for the state

*Photo source

In November and December of 2023, SkyUp Airlines played a crucial role in the rescue of Ukrainian citizens from the Gaza Strip. This operation was made possible through the combined efforts of diplomatic services, the Main Directorate of Intelligence, and responsible businesses. The flight from Cairo to Chisinau successfully evacuated over 200 Ukrainians, for which President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed his gratitude towards SkyUp Airlines.

Earlier this year, the Ukrainian authorities assisted the airline in the safe return of their crews from Sudan. The employees were stranded due to the start of hostilities, but with the help of the state, all 36 employees and other Ukrainian citizens were safely evacuated. Unfortunately, two airliners were destroyed in Sudan, but the aircraft owners have received the insurance compensation.

In 2023, SkyUp Airlines, with the cooperation of the state, was able to evacuate its aircraft from Boryspil airport, where it was blocked after the start of the full-scale invasion. Now the airline's fleet is fully available for ACMI contracts.

Supporting Ukrainians

Despite all the challenges of time, the SkyUp continues to support Ukrainians. So, in April 2023, SkyUp Airlines and the Future for Ukraine Fund have teamed up to help children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by making travel and recreation more accessible and comfortable for them and their families.

Last year we published the bright illustrated book "Travel without barriers", designed to help little inquisitive explorers prepare for this new experience for them. It tells children who are sensitive to changes and a new environment the story of Mykhaylyk, a boy who went to the sea for the first time. We created this book because travel should be affordable and comfortable for everyone. 
Also SkyUp together with its strategic partner, Join UP! tour operator and LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB also helped 20 families of internally displaced persons with children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). We provided them with trips to the sea coast of Turkey to escape the stress of war and learn about different cultures. 

SkyUp Airlines is also collaborating with the United24 presidential initiative, and held a unique charity concert in 3D space by thekomakoma to raise funds for the reconstruction of the Buziv academic lyceum in Kyiv region, which was damaged during hostilities.

Another collaboration in the music world is a partnership with the band Imagine Dragons, whose members recorded an airline announcement to SkyUp passengers. However, it was not just an appeal, but an opportunity to win a ticket to any of the band's concerts until the end of 2025. To participate passengers just needed to donate to UNITED24. 

We believe in victory

  After a turbulent year in 2022, 2023 brought about a period of stabilization for our airline. We were able to significantly increase the volume of ACMI contracts and have since become one of the 20 most sought-after airlines in Europe Dmytro Syeroukhov in this area, as confirmed by ch-aviation data. These results have allowed us to maintain a team of professionals, which is currently a crucial factor in ensuring the future recovery of Ukrainian civil aviation,” says Dmytro Syeroukhov, CEO of SkyUp. “We also remain a reliable partner for Ukraine, as evidenced by our payment of taxes and participation in important joint projects such as the successful evacuation flights for Ukrainian citizens from Gaza. In 2024, we will continue to strengthen our position in the markets of ACMI contracts and charter transportation. We are eagerly awaiting the victory of Ukraine and the resumption of flights in our native skies. We are sincerely grateful to everyone who protects our country and our future