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HRO Today awarded SkyUp HR leader at the forum in Athens

08 Nov 2022

At the international forum of HR leaders HRO Today EMEA, Nataliia Petleva, People&Transformation Officer at SkyUp Airlines, became HRD of the Year: Mid-Market.

The forum was held in Greece from 31 October to 1 November. Nataliia presented a successful case of building the UPfamily team as the basis of business resilience, which helps us to hold on even in the harshest conditions of war. The project itself was launched during the coronavirus pandemic in 2021 and covered four areas of transformation: development of corporate culture, performance management, organizational design, and development of management.

Such a comprehensive approach allowed us to attract and engage people with competencies that the business lacked, and to qualitatively develop the existing team. "People are the basis of everything. My 15+ years of experience in the field of personnel management convincingly proves that the way the company will work and develop depends on the team. People with common values and principles, who are working towards a single big goal, can handle any challenge. It fills life with meaning and helps to move forward. This is about our team and our country", says Nataliia Petleva, People&Transformation Officer of the SkyUp Airlines and Join UP!™ business group. "I am grateful to the organizers for the invitation and the opportunity to present Ukraine and the UPfamily group of businesses to the world at such a high-level event. For us as a Ukrainian business, support from the world community is especially valuable and important today. I am proud of this project, and I am convinced that the deep transformation we are going through thanks to the project helped companies survive the most difficult period of the pandemic and will help them survive even during the war."

The international annual HRO Today Forum EMEA is one of the regional events of HRO Today, which brings together HR leaders to share experiences and best innovative practices for building strong and effective teams. The most significant successes of representatives of the industry are recognized with prestigious awards.