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Just Fly: SkyUp Airlines to have an official soundtrack

27 Aug 2021

Just Fly, the new single by singer Max Barskih, will soon greet passengers of the Ukrainian airline SkyUp Airlines. So that every journey for our passengers begins with a smile and a positive mood.

Recently, Max Barskih and Alan Badoev presented a new composition and a musical video clip Just Fly, created in partnership with SkyUp Airlines. The premiere took place on the singer's YouTube channel, where the video has already gained 7 million views. The #justflybaby TikTok challenge scored over 11 million views and over 4.5 thousand videos, and the song topped Spotify playlists in several European countries at once: Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Hungary, and Poland, for the first time in an artist's entire career.

This song and music video is not only about the joy of travel, but also about the love of life, the ability to enjoy every day, not to be afraid to be yourself and give yourself up to fully realize your dreams, turning your everyday routine into an exciting adventure. Alan Badoev and Badoev ID advertising agency masterly combined the values, images, and meanings of Max Barskih and SkyUp Airlines in the visuals.

"Just Fly is a manifesto of kindness and light. A track that charges with a feeling of lightness and flight, lights up the inner sun in each of us, motivates us to dream boldly and strive with all our might to achieve our goals," says Marianna Grygorash, Head of Marketing at SkyUp Airlines. "All these are in tune with the spirit of SkyUp Airlines, and we are very glad that our collaboration with Max Barskih and Alan Badoev turned out to be strong and touched the hearts of many people in Ukraine and far beyond its borders. Our vision as a Ukrainian airline is for our country to be proud of us and to tell the whole world about our country. Just Fly returns the very thirst and pleasure from adventure and travel that we began to lose due to the pandemic, and it is from this track that every journey of SkyUp Airlines passengers will very soon begin.”

Soundtrack by Max Barskih Just Fly is the next organic stage of thoughtful and global changes of SkyUp Airlines. Earlier, the airline introduced a new uniform for the SkyUp Champions crews, which breaks all patterns and ideas about the appearance of flight attendants. In contrast to the conservative classics, heels, red lipstick, and a bun, there is a new, more modern and comfortable image of the "champion": stylish trouser suits by the Ukrainian brand GUDU, light sky-blue scarves by GUNIA project and sneakers in which everyone “would like to fly”.

The music video Just Fly by Barskih and Badoev, in which you can see the new uniform, was filmed in the style of the 50s, which also goes against the established trends and conveys the time when music told the most sincere and brightest love stories.