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SkyUp tickets available through the SmartTicket service

17 Dec 2020

Following successful completion of the testing period, SkyUp tickets sale in a SmartTicket system was launched. For now, we’re the only airline with which you can plan your trip using e-ticket.

Long-term or long-distance travels are often associated with the need to use various types of transport. And this usually makes planning and preparation for the trip difficult, a lot of time is spent looking for a convenient flight connection, purchasing tickets online may not be available for some of the vehicles. It is practically impossible to buy all the necessary tickets, if the trip is spontaneous.

What SmartTicket is 

SmartTicket is a single e-ticket that combines various types of transport for travel in Ukraine and abroad. The service helps to simplify travel planning by air (within the country and abroad), trains, buses (within the country).

To get around in big cities, it will even be possible to pay for city ground transport, the metro or a taxi. The ability to purchase all the necessary tickets on a single platform, rather than surfing around dozens of different websites, will allow users to become more mobile and make their trips comfortable. With a SmartTicket, the passenger can purchase the necessary tickets even one hour before departure.

How to use a single ticket

In a SmartTicket system on the website, the user gets access to all trip schedules for all types of transport for a given direction and travel dates. The system compares the time of arrival, departure, and travel time for different types of transport and generates a list of the most suitable options. You can choose the best offer for yourself by such parameters as travel time, number of connections, total fare amount, and the like.

After choosing a convenient route, the user pays for all types of transport in one transaction and receives a single electronic ticket and QR codes for tickets for each type of transport by email separately in case of difficulties when registering for a journey on a particular segment of the trip. The SmartTicket itself will be read using a QR code on the inspector's mobile device.

There will also be a round-the-clock passenger support service, where you can contact with any questions regarding SmartTicket in writing at [email protected] or by phone +38 (044) 355 31 28 (so far the telephone line is yet open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00).

Useful functionality that will appear in the near future

The system continues to evolve and improve. The plans are to set up the service so that it can calculate all connections and give the most advantageous offer for the cost of travel and route, taking into account transfers, movement around the city, and between the nodal points of the route.

Also, over time, it is planned to launch a loyalty programme. Full round-the-clock support — a call center and a chat bot — for users and passengers will be launched.

How to buy a SmartTicket

Currently, you can purchase a single ticket only on a SmartTicket service website. The mobile application is still under development. In the future, it will be possible to purchase a single ticket at ticket offices and other ticket selling places or services.