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July with SkyUp: exploring new routes, starting cooperation with NAU, more comfort for flight attendants SkyUp Champions

11 Aug 2021

Summer inspires: SkyUp traffic is growing, the flight map is expanding. But we won't stop there, all the best is just ahead. We launch useful initiatives for employees and future specialists.

Highlights in figures

The season is not going to slow down yet, and the number of flights continues to grow. In July, we performed 2,235 flights*. Of these, charter flights are 1,221, regular are 988. Another 26 are positional flights.

The total volume of passengers using the airline's services also increased. In July, we transported almost a quarter more people than in the previous month, a total of 364,848 people*. This is even 72% more than the maximum monthly volume last year.

SkyUp charters were used by 219,705 people, and regular flights — by 142,143 people.

International destinations were chosen for travel by 349 805 passengers, and domestic — 15 043 passengers.

We also transported 46,070 kg of cargo* on passenger flights.

Top destinations of the month* among SkyUp passengers

In July, passengers of SkyUp charter flights most often traveled to:

  • Antalya, Turkey — 46,663 people
  • Tivat, Montenegro — 26,737 people
  • Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt — 21,867 people

Among the regular flights, passengers most often chose:

  • Batumi, Georgia — 10,357 people
  • Heraklion, Greece — 10,019 people
  • Tirana, Albania — 7,560 people

The general statistics of charter and regular flights from the regions shows that most of the passengers from Lviv, Kharkiv, and Zaporizhzhia chose Antalya, Tivat, and Sharm el-Sheikh. While the top 3 most popular destinations from Odesa in terms of the volume of transported passengers were headed by Kyiv. The second and third positions are taken by Antalya and Tivat, respectively.

Further expansion of the flight map

We continue to update our flight programme, and in July opened and announced the launch of a number of new and already well-known favorite international destinations:

  • Madeira. The island makes you fall in love with it at first sight, we operate flights from Kyiv
  • Saudi Arabia. This destination is a new corner of the world for travelers. We fly from Kyiv to Dammam, Jeddah, and Riyadh, from Lviv to Dammam
  • Uzbekistan. One more of our new discoveries. In addition to Tashkent, we started flying to Navoi
  • Azerbaijan. We continue to expand the flight programme from the regions and have launched Lviv — Baku flights
  • France and Spain. We announced the start of flights in August to Nice and Paris, as well as to Tenerife, Barcelona, and Alicante from Kyiv

Training staff for aviation in partnership with NAU

SkyUp joined the working group that will train young specialists on the basis of the National Aviation University.

We're convinced that our experience will be useful for improving the acquired knowledge and skills of specialists and its more practical orientation, which will help to increase the competitiveness of graduates at the start of their careers.

Launched the SkyUp Champions programme for flight attendants

The programme is aimed at increasing the comfort and efficiency of work. It consists of three components: a new uniform, healthy eating on board, and professional training. A new uniform was shown as part of the presentation of the programme.

We continue to recruit flight attendants to the team in the regions: in Odesa, Kharkiv, and Lviv. For details, please email to [email protected].



*According to the internal statistics of SkyUp Airline