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Restart summer: knowing what is new and what safety rules to follow

Restart summer: knowing what is new and what safety rules to follow

02 Jul 2020

Domestic and international flights start resuming gradually, and in a few months the recovery will gather steam. However, the pandemic has put forward new safety and security requirements for airports and airlines. This means that travelers will have to get used to the many innovations. We collected the key points from the moment of ticket booking until arrival at the destination.

Travel planning and arrangements

before purchasing a ticket, check the rules of entry into the country of destination (departure of Ukrainians abroad —,entry of foreigners and Ukrainians to Ukraine — ), the availability of all necessary documents, including public health passenger locator card for the health authorities of the country of arrival. Print all the necessary documents in advance, since the airport will not have such an opportunity
Check the current rules for crossing the borders of Ukraine according to the list of countries of the “red” and “green” zones on the website of the Ministry of Health
IMPORTANT! If you arrive from the “red” zone, the presence of a certificate confirming antibodies to Covid-19 does not exempt from the need for PCR testing or 14-day home self-isolation under the control of the DIY VDOMA (Act at home) mobile application*/observation of choice
→ In the case of a transit flight through the country of the “red zone”, the zone of the country of departure is considering
→ If you’re arriving from the "green" zone, for entry and stay in Ukraine it is enough to have a medical insurance policy covering Covid-19 treatment and being on observation
→ If you are a citizen of a country that is part of the "red" zone, but have not been in the country of your citizenship for the past 14 days, the rules of the zone of the country from which you arrive with a health insurance policy apply to enter Ukraine
A prerequisite for crossing the border of Ukraine for all foreigners is the availability of a valid medical insurance policy for the entire period of stay in Ukraine. The insurance policy must be issued by a company registered in Ukraine or a foreign company that has a representative office in Ukraine/contractual relations with an insurance partner company in Ukraine
carefully read the information that your airline or airport will email you, and also follow the publications on their pages on social media and official websites. It will contain a reminder of the rules and requirements that you must follow to successfully complete your journey
before going to the airport, make sure that you have enough face masks for traveling, based on the fact that the medical mask should be changed every 4 hours or as soon as it becomes wet. Use medical masks as they comply with the requirements defined by the European standard EN 14683:2014. Do not use masks with breathing valves
bring a pen to fill out documents at the airport or on the plane
keep in mind that the introduction of new safe and security measures has increased the time required to complete all formal procedures, so it is advisable to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before departure
please note that meals on board are available only on pre-order, no later than 32 hours before departure

At the departure airport

the wearing of medical face mask in the building of airport is required. An exception can be made to children below 6 years old and people having medical reason for not wearing a mask. To ensure maximum protection for yourself and others, it is important to follow the instructions for using the mask and its disposal. 
as an additional protection, the use of medical glasses, shields, gloves is encouraged /div>
after contact with surfaces or another person, use hand sanitizers located at the airport
observe measures of personal hygiene:
→ wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds
→ when sneezing or coughing, do not remove the mask, and cover your mouth and nose with a napkin, paper towel or a flexed elbow
→ try not to touch your face with your hands, especially if they were not just washed thoroughly
→ avoid unnecessary contact with surfaces and other people
keep a physical distance of at least 1.5 meters between people. Use for this special marking in the queues for registration, to the toilet, in waiting rooms, etc.
go through the mandatory temperature screening before checking in
you can pay for additional services at the airport using contactless payment


→ boarding and disembarking will be carried out according to new procedures in order to avoid crowding in the airplane:
→ he passengers will be delivered from the airport terminal to the plane via buses that will be filled not more than 60% of their capacity
→ passengers should be boarded in rows starting with the furthest row from the aircraft doors used in the embarkation process or, alternatively, all window seats, then middle seats, followed by aisle seats should be considered
→ before entering the aircraft cabin, while on the ramp, the passenger must use the disinfectants for hands and step on a disinfectant soaked carpet
→ disembarkation from the aircraft should be performed maintaining physical distance by rows starting with the closest rows to the exits in use, in the order aisle, middle and window seats, or an alternative procedure that would ensure physical distancing to the maximum extent possible and avoid queuing
depending on the workload of the flight, passengers will be accommodated on board with the greatest possible distance from each other
the wearing of medical face mask in the cabin of the aircraft is required. An exception can be made to children below 6 years old and people having medical reason for not wearing a mask
on-board meals and magazines will be provided in additional individual packaging
when replacing a mask or gloves on aircraft board, use the hygiene bag in seat pocket in front of you to dispose them
paying for additional services via the payment terminal will be available on board
once on-board, try to remain seated with your seatbelt fastened as much as possible and not get up without special need to avoid crowding; to call the flight attendants use the call button
if possible, do not use an individual air supply nozzle above your seat to limit the possible spread of droplets. Air purity in the cabin will be ensured using high-performance HEPA filters, fresh air will be supplied to the cabin every 2-3 minutes

At the destination airport

the wearing of medical face mask in the building of airport is required. An exception can be made to children below 6 years old and people having medical reason for not wearing a mask
keep a physical distance of at least 1.5 meters between people
observe personal hygiene and use hand sanitizers located at the airport
adhere to all safety and security regulations implemented by the airport and seek help from airport staff

Other useful rules to remember

please note that accompanying persons will be denied from entering the airport terminals with exception to special circumstances such as accompanying or picking up a passenger requiring assistance – Persons with Reduced Mobility, unaccompanied minors, etc.
passengers who violate established safety and security rules may not be allowed into the airport and on board
in case of detection of elevated body temperature in passenger at the airport (38°C and above), it should be re-measured and the passenger should be referred for an additional physical examination
in case of showing up symptoms at the airport, the health authorities may refuse the passenger to travel. If you feel unwell, to maintain your own health and safety of others, it is better to refuse the trip or reschedule it for another date
please be reminded that to protect your health, the cleaning and disinfection activities at airports are enhanced both in amplitude and frequency, and the aircraft will be disinfected in addition to cleaning after each flight

If you are diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus, the airline provides the opportunity to:

→ change the flight departure date free of charge to any new one available on the official website of the airline at the time of rebooking;

→ return funds for an unused ticket according to the rules of the applied fare.

It is necessary to inform the airline about the decision and provide a positive PCR-test result for COVID-19 with a QR-code, leading to the result of the analysis, no later than 12 hours before the flight departure (if you are traveling to Tanzania (Zanzibar Island) or Sri Lanka - no later than 48 hours before the flight departure).

The aforementioned rules also apply to passengers who share a booking with a person who has been diagnosed with the virus and are in close family ties with him/her, subject to the provision of documentary evidence (marriage certificate, birth certificate).

For passengers who share a booking with a person who has a virus and are not related to him/her, the change of date is carried out with a penalty of 25$/ticket + surcharge (in case of a higher cost of a new ticket).

For tickets in the direction of Sri Lanka, Zanzibar, Amman, Almaty, Tashkent, Dubai, the date change is carried out with a penalty of 50$/ticket + surcharge (in case of a higher cost of a new ticket).

Please note that the date can be changed at least 14 days in advance from the date of receiving a positive test result for COVID-19.

we recommend minimizing the amount of hand luggage to speed up boarding/disembarking and reduce the likelihood of crowding
do not hesitate to contact the airport personnel or the flight crew with any questions you may have regarding travel and safety measures. They are instructed on these issues and will be able to assist you
We all really missed traveling and we rejoice with you that travels again are becoming a part of our lives. These rules are designed to make them more comfortable, safe and secure. Take care of yourself and enjoy your travels as you did it before.

* The application works only with the SIM card of the Ukrainian mobile operator. In the absence of a card, please contact a representative of the air carrier at the airport to get it for free