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The next five years for SkyUp. How we plan to develop

The next five years for SkyUp. How we plan to develop

30 Jul 2020

It is time for a change for SkyUp. Despite the difficult challenges of 2020, we continue to develop and move forward. The airline's owners and top executives came together for a strategic meeting and identified key vectors and goals for the next five years. This is how we see it.

2020 — is the year of change

This year is tough for airlines. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) called it the worst year in the history of aviation. The industry will have to rectify the consequences of the crisis caused by the pandemic for several years.

For SkyUp, the suspension of passenger air transportation due to the pandemic proved to be a test of resilience.

The main word for us this year arose — change

We were the first European airline to reconfigure our planes for cargo transportation. We set up a rapid response system. Our team and partners have shown great dedication and professionalism. Many innovations will remain with us after quarantine.

In addition, the company moved to Terminal D of Boryspil International Airport. In July, SkyUp also changed its CEO. Dmytro Seroukhov, CEO of Join UP! and advisor to the CEO of SkyUp since 2019.

The company met the COVID-19 crisis at the age of 1 year and 7 months. We passed the test of endurance.

Our mission remains the same

We are committed to our mission — to make Ukraine a traveling nation.We open the world to Ukrainians, and Ukraine to the world. To continue this mission in the global crisis, we need to adapt quickly and meet the challenges facing the company, the industry, and the country.
make Ukraine a traveling nation

Key challenges

1. Coronacrisis and the "new normal"
We will continue to contribute to the global fight against the pandemic and adapt our services to the new reality. Safety and health protection of employees, customers and their families are an undisputed priority.
We are growing and plan to expand the team. New times require new skills. We plan to invest in staff, to invite highly qualified specialists who have experience in the world's leading companies to develop SkyUp and Ukrainian tourism.
2. Team development.
3. Involvement of people in domestic and international tourism.
Traveling by air? After the coronavirus? Yes! The new reality does not mean that travel is canceled. Perhaps the time has come to "re-invent" tourism. This is a challenge. We are ready for it.

The next five years – what changes to expect

We have an ambitious goal. We want to become the best air carrier in Eastern Europe.

The stages of realization of this goal will be:

best air carrier in Eastern Europe

1. Increasing SkyUp's share in the Ukrainian air transportation market to 50%.

2. Increasing the punctuality of flights to 85-95% in 2021.

3. Increasing the fleet by 5-7 aircraft by 2022.

4. Opening of new bases and routes.

5.Development of domestic and international tourism in the format of CityBreak — travel for 2-3 days. It does not require long planning, just "break" and fly.

6. Development of Ukraine's tourist attractiveness for international tourists and support for visa liberalization for entry into the country.

A step into the future

SkyUp is just over two years old. Much has been done during this time. In the first year we carried more than a million passengers. According to the growth rate of the route network, it took the 7th place in Europe (according to the Anker Report) ЗWe earned trust and became a partner of Shakhtar football club. We have launched our own ground handling, which allows us to control passenger service from ticket purchase to boarding.

We look to the future with optimism.

We are proud to be the first Ukrainian low-cost carrier. And we will do everything to make Ukrainians proud of us, too
We are confident in our abilities.