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New scales and horizons: SkyUp starts cooperation with Sabre Global Distribution System

27 May 2021

The accessibility of travel services is determined not only by their price, but also by the convenience of booking. We begin a long-term partnership with Saber Corporation, one of the largest technology and software providers for the global travel industry.

Sabre will distribute SkyUp fares on a global platform that provides an innovative marketplace for hundreds of thousands of travel agencies and corporations around the world. Thanks to this partnership, we improve the travel community's access to the airline's resources and become easily accessible in the global market.

Sabre is delighted to develop a strategic partnership with SkyUp and provide the airline with broad reach and cutting-edge capabilities to promote, personalize, and sell airline’s products globally through our global distribution system,” said Dino Gelmetti, Vice President, Sabre Travel Solutions at EMEA region. “This new agreement reaffirms the value of GDS and the indirect sales channel for carriers looking to increase sales and accelerate profit growth. This is especially important in the current environment, when airlines are focused on recovering from the COVID-19 crisis”.

SkyUp has joined nearly 400 international airlines that use Sabre GDS to interact with a wide target audience. Sabre Marketplace provides effective marketing and sale of fares for airlines, hotel rooms, car rentals, train tickets, and other travel services through agencies and corporations around the world that use a global distribution system to search, book, and manage travel.

As air travel recovers after the pandemic and geography of SkyUp flights expands, we need efficient and reliable distribution technologies that will allow us to promote and sell our products through all channels that travelers want to use,” said Dmytro Seroukhov, CEO of SkyUp Airlines. “The choice of Sabre is fully consistent with our development strategy aimed at continuous change and improvement. Sabre's global reach and ability to retail and distribute our offerings through agencies around the world will enable us to achieve our goals faster”.

Over the three years of our activity, SkyUp has grown from one charter destination to more than 60 routes on three continents and within the country. During a pandemic, we have created convenient services for passengers and developed new travel formats, launched freight transportation. We are constantly working to improve the quality of our services and over the next few years intend to open new hubs, continue to expand our portfolio of destinations and the range of services for passengers.