For passengers of international scheduled SkyUp flights: check-in at the airport becomes paid from 1 October

30 Sep 2020

For passengers of international scheduled SkyUp flights: check-in at the airport becomes paid from 1 October

Starting from 1 October, the cost of issuing a boarding pass at the airport will be 18 euros in national currency equivalent. Online check-in remains free.

Paid check-in will be introduced gradually and will be valid only at those airports where free online check-in is available. The current list of airports can be checked on the SkyUp website in the Passengers — Registration section.

For whom check-in at the airport remains free

Check-in at the airport will remain free for the following categories of passengers:

  • People over 60 years old. Passport needed to confirm identity
  • ATO/JFO veterans. ATO/JFO service card needed to confirm identity 
  • Persons with I and II disability groups. Certificate of the recipient of state social assistance for a disabled person needed to confirm identity

How to register online

Online check-in opens 48 hours in advance and closes 3 hours before departure.

To register you need to go to the skyup.aero and sing in to your personal account. If the passenger does not yet have a personal account, to create please follow the image of doors with an arrow in the upper right corner on the airline's website — then click on the Create account button — and fill in the indicated fields.

In the Email field, it is mandatory to provide the Email address that was used when booking the ticket. All bookings will be available immediately after account registration, as well as an online check-in for the flight.

Passengers who purchased a ticket through an agent network or at an air ticket office can also register a personal account on the website or ask for help at the place of purchase of the ticket.

The flight reminder email that our passengers receive 48 hours before departure contains an online check-in reminder and a check-in button that can be used to register online for a flight.

Features of check-in at the airports of Istanbul and Dubai

In September, we launched regular flights from Kyiv to Istanbul.

Istanbul Airport operates under the concept of a “quiet airport”. This means that the number of announcements at the airport is kept to a minimum. Therefore, we ask passengers to follow the information about the opening and closing of boarding on the information boards.

Since the airport itself is huge and the distance between the gates can be up to 1.5 km, we open check-in 2.5 hours in advance and complete it 1 hour before departure.

As a reminder, in September we also started flying from Kyiv to Dubai, and from 25 October, we begin operating flights to Dubai from Lviv and Kharkiv.