To the Passengers of Cancelled SkyUp Flights · p. 426 - SkyUp Airlines

To the Passengers of Cancelled SkyUp Flights

25 Feb 2022

We inform passengers of flights scheduled for the period from 24 February to 20 March that due to the current situation in Ukraine, we had to cancel the flights. Your tickets will be automatically refunded in full to your balance in your personal account on the airline's website if tickets were purchased on the website.

Those who purchased tickets through an intermediary should contact the place of purchase or write at [email protected] to issue a promotional code in the amount of the full ticket price.

Our Customer Support remains in touch. If you have any questions, for now, we ask you to prefer requests by e-mail (at [email protected]) or in private messages on Facebook or Instagram.

Funds on the balance will be kept without time restrictions. You will be able to use them in the future to pay for any SkyUp Airlines tickets and services, for yourself or your friends.

We will inform you additionally about cancellations of flights on other dates. Detailed information on the current situation is published on the website.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.