Attention to all passengers travelling from Barcelona on 24-25 and 30-31 August

22 Aug 2019

Please keep in mind that Iberia, ground services company, called for 4-day strike at Barcelona airport. The dates announced for the staff strikes are 24, 25, 30, and 31 August 2019.

The strike could delay flights from Barcelona. All passengers are kindly requested to arrive at the airport in advance and try to move swiftly past check-in and airport security.

What is ground services company?

The ground services companies handle all kind of support to passengers of airline on the territory of the airport. Their duties include registration of passengers on a flight, registration of additional services that passengers want or need to purchase, provision of food and drinks in case of long delays of flights, etc.

We’ll further notify our passengers via SMS regarding any changes in the schedule of flights from Barcelona.

You also can monitor updates using our online flights information board