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Six months of the war: how SkyUp continues to operate despite the difficult situation in the country

12 Sep 2022

For more than half a year, Ukrainians have heroically defended their right to freedom, the right for their own future. Everyone in their own way, at the cost of their own time, efforts, and lives, brings our victory closer. The primary efforts of business now are focused on supporting the economy of Ukraine and preserving workplaces. Despite significant operational difficulties caused by the war, SkyUp keeps standing and continues to operate.

SkyUp activity in the first months of the war

Once a full-scale invasion began, SkyUp was faced with the task of adapting operations to wartime realities. First of all, we quickly informed our passengers about the canceled flights and started refunding the money for the tickets.

In addition, we made an appeal to our international partners, in which we called on them to support Ukraine and offered them cooperation. Thanks to such cooperation, 21 evacuation flights on the route Chisinau — Tel Aviv were made in March due to the repatriation program. 2,835 refugees went to Israel.

In the first months of the war, we transported about 112 tons of humanitarian cargo. It included medicines, baby food, personal care products, household chemicals, blankets, diapers, etc. The cargo was distributed for the needs of Ukrainian refugees in Moldova and various Ukrainian cities. For the first time in the history of Suceava airport (Romania), the company agreed on the possibility of cargo transportation. We started cooperation with the portal to form cargo for SkyUp flights.

In the spring, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Shakhtar Football Club and SkyUp Airlines jointly initiated the Shakhtar Global Tour for Peace series of charity matches. In general, thanks to the project, UAH 13.2 million was collected. The proceeds were used to purchase 750 protective helmets, 1,500 first-aid kits, and many other necessary things for Ukrainian soldiers, citizens, and children who suffered from the war.

Half-year results

Back in February, we offered the international aviation community to wet lease our aircraft. Thanks to the companies that responded to this offer, we began to resume operations gradually. During this period, we concluded wet leasing contracts with nine companies, with five of them we continue to cooperate today. In total, since the beginning of the war, SkyUp aircraft have made 4,219 flights* and transported 619,527 passengers* to 227 destinations*.

We pay special attention to flight safety. In 2022, SAFA inspectors carried out 22 inspections of SkyUp Airlines flights at various airports. The SAFA coefficient is a system for evaluating the level of safety of foreign aircraft flights in the range from "0" to "1". The closer the airline is to the "0" indicator, the higher its level of security is. Today, SkyUp’s rating of the SAFA indicator is 0.3, which means a high level of compliance with standards and ensuring flight safety. In addition, we successfully pass audits of partner airlines that lease our aircraft under wet leasing conditions. Two months ago, we received the TCO of Switzerland: we were audited and received documentary evidence of compliance with Swiss aviation safety standards.

In August, the SkyUp Airlines fleet was replenished with one more “bird” – a medium-haul Boeing 737-800 with 189 seats and registration number UR-SQM joined us. Thus, today our fleet consists of two Boeing 737-700s and ten Boeing 737-800s.

In the city of Antalya, Turkey, SkyUp launched Sky-Stream linear service station for its aircraft. Currently, it serves the company's fleet exclusively. As of now, there are 41 employees in the Sky-Stream team. The station already serves 4 SkyUp aircraft, two more aircraft will be added in the fall.

Overall, as of 08/31/2022, about 80% of SkyUp's employees are partially or fully employed. We continue to work to restore our own capacity in full.

Plans for the nearest future

We are continuing to search for partners who are ready to cooperate with us on the terms of wet leasing. SkyUp Airlines aircraft are available for flights in any part of the world, except the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, and territories where hostilities are taking place.

In addition, we are looking for tour operator partners from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and the Baltic countries for charter flights in the winter 2022-2023 and summer 2023 seasons. We are ready to share our experience and provide relevant professional services.

By using our planes, you will help hundreds of Ukrainians who work in our team and their families, and also provide additional support to Ukraine which is currently fighting for democratic values. Detailed information is at the link.

SkyUp Airlines continues to work and, together with all Ukrainians, moves the country forward — to victory. Let's create a new history together.

Glory to Ukraine!
* According to SkyUp Airlines' internal statistics