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New Record in Transportations, Uniform for Champions and More Opportunities to Travel: SkyUp Sums Up 2021

New Record in Transportations, Uniform for Champions and More Opportunities to Travel: SkyUp Sums Up 2021

26 Jan 2022
Overcoming the pandemic turned out to be longer than we expected, but SkyUp is good at adapting to changes. Thanks to the rapid opening of new destinations, the development of convenient services, and most importantly, the constant desire of our passengers to travel, we have not only maintained but also strengthened our positions.

Opening the world together

We are sincerely grateful to everyone who chose SkyUp in 2021 because thanks to you we have the opportunity to develop and launch new routes. According to UkSATSE, we became the second among Ukrainian airlines in terms of the number of flights performed in the airspace of Ukraine in 2021.

For the first time in the history of the airline, we carried more than 2 million passengers in one year: to be precise, 2.57 million people traveled with us (+106% compared to the previous year). Moreover, 3,755 pets flew in the cabins of SkyUp aircraft, which are now not so domestic, but the real discoverers of new countries.

In total, in 2021 we performed 16,133 flights, which almost doubles the results of 2020 (then there were 8,745 flights).

Like everyone else in aviation, we also experience flight delays or cancellations. We are working to ensure that there are as few such situations as possible, and we also fulfill our obligations to passengers: in 2021 we returned about UAH 250 million.

Popular routes
in 2021

Sky Champions

SkyUp demonstrated high performance not only for passengers: we are systematically developing cargo transportation.

In 2021, we transported 786.5 tons of cargo in the luggage compartments: from a variety of goods to food, medical equipment, etc.


In 2021, SKY-PORT, the airline’s own handling facility, received a certificate of conformity from the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine. This allows SKY-PORT to carry out passenger service and ground administration for both SkyUp and other airlines.

To grow the expertise, handling specialists underwent additional training at Dubai Airport. SKY-PORT is rapidly developing: if at the beginning of its activity the company has employed 60 persons, now there are already 93.

The SkyUp team

The SkyUp team also continues to grow. At the beginning of this year, we are already 1,172 (+316 compared to 2020). Moreover, the growth is not only quantitative but also qualitative: the company has a corporate university GROW UP, which regularly conducts pre-medical training courses for flight attendants, training with psychologists on communication on board, swimming training, as well as English language training and other useful events.

Another achievement of the year: SkyUp has introduced training flights on our fleet for future pilots of the airline.

SkyUp Champions

Our milestone of 2021 was the update of the uniform for flight attendants. SkyUp Champions sets standards for the entire industry: instead of skirts, there are comfortable and stylish trouser suits with a contemporary aesthetic that does not hinder movement; instead of shoes with heels there are ergonomic sneakers; and also trench coats made of Italian eco-leather; sky blue scarves; juicy orange suitcases; sky-inspired make-up and democratic hairstyles.

This concept really inspired the world and provoked more than 500 publications about the new form were published in Ukrainian and world media, which helped once again declare Ukraine and domestic business as a modern player in the aviation industry and a true trendsetter.

We also support the achievements of other champions. In 2021 we offered unlimited tickets for our Olympic and Paralympic medalists.

New points on the map and convenient services

In 2021, SkyUp operated the first flights to Israel, Kazakhstan, Poland, Portugal, and Saudi Arabia. As for the last country, the development of this destination became a real sensation of the year. Thousands of tourists from this country discovered Ukraine for the first time and it was SkyUp that became the first Ukrainian airline to establish direct flights to Saudi Arabia.

As of the beginning of 2022, SkyUp flies to 19 countries and has large-scale plans for the spring-summer season: in addition to the existing ones, we are going to open more than 50 new routes. Thus, the SkyUp flight map will include 31 countries and 116 routes from Kyiv and regions.

On the airline's website you can already book tickets to Western or Southern Europe (Austria, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal, Germany, France); Eastern and Central Europe, Balkans (Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic or Montenegro); Caucasian countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia); to the Middle East (Bahrain, Israel, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey) or to Central Asia (Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan).

Citybreak routes

For the convenience of passengers, SkyUp continues to develop the CityBreaks service: in 2021, we have significantly expanded the number of available destinations. Now on the official website you can buy tickets and book a hotel in a few clicks, starting your journey to Alicante, Barcelona, Batumi, Dubai, Larnaca, Nice, Prague, Istanbul, or Tbilisi.

In 2021, we made fares more flexible. Now it is much more convenient to change departure dates for Standard and Flex fares: a special button is available in the personal account of a passenger registered on the website. For Standard, the service costs $23*. For Flex, changing the date of departure is free of charge three times for one flight and $50* for further changes. In addition, Flex ticket holders can change the departure date in case of a no-show. Find more about the conditions of fares at the link.

New services

Also in 2021, on the airline’s website, it became possible to sign up for a PCR test with our partners, and also get insurance in just a couple of clicks. And remember that SkyUp allows changing the date of departure regardless of the fare if a passenger is diagnosed with COVID-19.

For those passengers who want to avoid unnecessary queues and travel with maximum comfort, we have started cooperation with the HighPass, which can be booked via personal account at the website.

Different tastes, different dishes

However, it is important to travel not only comfortably, but also tasty, and it is convenient to do it on SkyUp flights. This year we added Guacamole Roll, Seasonal Strawberry or Peach Rolls and SkyBoxes to our menu, three WOK noodle box options, as well as religiously compliant Muslim SkyBox and Kosher SkyBox. In 2021, the favorites are:

Changing aviation and inspiring to travel

«Although the turbulence zone caused by the pandemic continues, SkyUp still gains height. The peak moment for us in 2021 was the summer when vaccination in Ukraine finally picked up the pace, and popular countries opened their borders. We hope that in 2022 the world will cope with the coronavirus, and we will all be able to fly more and find inspiration in different parts of the world.

This year we will continue to set new standards for Ukrainian aviation, expand the flight map and create the most convenient and flexible travel conditions so that our passengers can plan their trips with confidence.»

Dmytro Seroukhov

Director General at SkyUp Airlines

* — The price is valid as of the time of publication, paid in national currency at the NBU rate on the day of payment