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SkyUp updates the refund procedure for tickets for canceled flights

19 Aug 2020

In early September 2020, we will change the ticket refund system for flights canceled due to quarantine restrictions.

Already now, the passenger can himself manage his bookings and choose the type of refund for the ticket in case of flight cancellation. And in a few weeks, we will launch the passenger’s personal balance, to which the money for the canceled ticket will be automatically credited and stored in full.

This is a completely new tool that will allow the passenger, immediately after the cancellation of the flight, to have at his disposal funds for the unused ticket to purchase any tickets or services of the airline.

How it works now and what will change

Now, if the flight is canceled due to quarantine or entry ban for Ukrainian citizens to certain countries, to reimburse the cost of the ticket, the passenger can choose a promo code, change travel dates for free within one year or get a refund.

After the implementation of the new system, in case of flight cancellation (for any reason: on the initiative of the airline or due to quarantine restrictions) the full cost of the ticket will be automatically credited to the balance of the passenger in the personal account. From now on, the passenger can use these funds for any tickets or airline services. The funds will remain in the account and will be valid without time limit and can be used for any person, not just the account holder.

We also provided an opportunity for the passenger to withdraw funds to the card. To do so, in your personal account, you can fill up and send a claim to the airline. After its consideration, we will credit the refundable funds to the bank card from which the ticket was paid.

If you do not have a personal account

No need to worry if you used to buy tickets without creating a personal account – it is easy to register. Enter the e-mail you used to receive the tickets, create a password – and all your previous bookings will be displayed in your account.

If you bought tickets at the ticket office, please contact the airline to credit the full cost of a ticket for a canceled flight on your personal balance.