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SkyUp celebrates its fourth anniversary

SkyUp celebrates its fourth anniversary

21 May 2022

4 years is so much to change the perception of Ukrainians about comfort on board and so little to express all the love with which we perform each of our flights.

SkyUp Airlines was born in Ukraine, works and will work for the benefit of our glorious state.  We are a company with Ukrainian DNA, synonymous with strength, faith, hope and steadfastness.  Flying high, we sometimes find ourselves in turbulent zones, where we face challenges, but which only make us stronger.

We want to thank everyone who has been with us on this journey, helped, trusted and supported us Passengers, partners, employees, all those who make SkyUp Airlines continue to operate even in the most difficult times.  The sky is our comfort zone and you are our driving force.

No one will ever take away our Ukrainian dream, freedom and liberty. We at SkyUp do everything to make Ukraine proud of us, just as we are proud to be Ukrainian. And despite all the difficulties and obstacles, we will never forget the flight we are going to make soon — only a flight home can be so special.

See you on board!

Glory to Ukraine!