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SkyUp in April: 9 new destinations, more comfort during flights and pilot training

SkyUp in April: 9 new destinations, more comfort during flights and pilot training

12 May 2021

Even more discoveries with SkyUp in April: new destinations from Kyiv and regions, convenient hand luggage packing, comfortable places to sleep during flights to Almaty, and most importantly: the opportunity to open the world for all Ukrainians.

The most important thing is in figures

In April, we operated 836 passenger flights*, which is 128 flights more than a month earlier. We operated 558 charter flights and 278 regular ones.

During the second month of spring, we carried 138,160 passengers*, of which 105,202 were on charter flights, and 32,958 on regular ones. The flights were carried out on 9 SkyUp aircrafts.

According to internal statistics from SkyUp Airlines*, we completed 80.8% of flights on time.

We also transported 46,259.5 kg of cargo* on passenger flights.

Training flights for cadets

Despite the pandemic and difficult conditions for air travellings around the world, SkyUp continues to train new pilots. Last month, for the first time, we introduced the practice of performing training flights for future airline pilots.

In April, we performed two such flights, which became the final stage in the training of pilots to obtain a permit to fly. After that, 6 new pilots who have successfully completed the training will receive a type rating for the Boeing 737.

We are one of the few airlines in the world that, in this most difficult period for aviation, teaches cadets to becoe pilots and second pilots to become first pilots. Such training flights on our own aircrafts, of course, support and motivate young specialists,” notes Konstantin Tarasov, Head of the Flight Operations Department.

More travel options

In April, SkyUp opened 9 new destinations. Moreover, we continue to develop a network of routes not only from Kyiv, but also from the regions:

  • Flights to Larnaca, Tirana, and Tivat were added to the schedule from Kyiv.
  • A new flight to Batumi was added from Lviv.
  • From Odesa, in addition to the variety of other destinations, now one can travel to Yerevan and Tbilisi.
  • Passengers from Kharkiv can also now travel to Batumi, Tbilisi and Istanbul.

Getting ready for new vacations

April is also the month of announcements for new flights, which will start in May. Among them, the resumption of flights between Kyiv and Odesa from May 28.

Flight program to Tirana begins from the regions: from Zaporizhzhya, Lviv, and Kharkiv. Also, flights to Cyprus will start from these cities.

At the end of May, Ukrainians will also be able to go on vacation to Bodrum and Izmir from Kyiv.

More convenient packing

Last month, SkyUp launched a new service: packing your hand luggage into a bag or cloth bag. Earlier this year, SkyUp increased the weight of a free unit of hand luggage from 7 to 9 kg. However, it often happens that passengers have additional stuff, such as outerwear, umbrella, duty free goods, etc., which they also want to take with them to the cabin. In such cases, they can:

  • Purchase an additional piece of hand luggage or baggage.
  • Pack all things as one of the paid items of hand luggage in a special bag or a more durable bag made of fabric, but so that they correspond to the established dimensions of 55x40x20 cm (the SkyUp bag and fabric bag have exactly these dimensions).

Find more details here.

Relaxing during the flight is even easier

Sleeping seats service is now available on flights to Almaty, which means that more than 5-hour flight can be carried out more comfortably. Sleeping seat is an opportunity to purchase three seats in a row (if there are enough free seats on the flight). The service can only be booked at the airport during check-in.

Flights are getting tastier

SkyUp continues to develop the onboard menu. Now a new Guacamole Roll can be pre-odered on flights from Kyiv, and passengers departing from Kharkiv can try some of our most popular rolls: Chicken, Beef or Cheese. You can order tasty and healthy meals when booking tickets, or after that in your personal account, but no later than 32 hours before departure.

Looking forward to more updates and news in May. Open the world with SkyUp.

* According to the internal statistics of SkyUp Airlines.