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SkyUp in May: 13 new routes, new strategic partner, and talents search

SkyUp in May: 13 new routes, new strategic partner, and talents search

09 Jun 2021

In May, we continued to launch and announce new opportunities to open the world and Ukraine to our passengers. We started working with a new strategic partner Saber to improve access to our services in the global market. And we continue to expand the flight team.

Highlights in figures

In May, SkyUp set an absolute record for the number of flights performed over the entire period of the company's activity. We operated 1,419 flights*. Of these, there are 870 charter flights, and 519 regular. Another 30 are position and training flights.

Our second record was the largest daily number of flights operated in all 3 years of activities — in May, we reached 60 flights*.

We carried 209,924 passengers*. Of these, 152,835 people were charters, 57,089 were regular ones.

We also transported 41,459.16 kg of cargo* on passenger flights.

The most popular destinations among SkyUp passengers

By the number of passengers carried in May by charter flights, people most often traveled to:

  • Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt — 30,770 people
  • Antalya, Turkey — 26,159 people
  • Hurghada, Egypt — 12,407 people

Passengers of regular flights most often chose the following destinations:

  • Istanbul, Turkey — 6,965 people
  • Tbilisi, Georgia — 6,046 people
  • Batumi, Georgia — 4,222 people

New travel destinations 

In May, we continued to open new directions from Kyiv and regions for our passengers. The SkyUp flight map has been replenished with the following domestic and international routes:

  • From Kyiv to Bodrum, Izmir, and Odesa
  • From Odesa to Batumi, Kharkiv, and Lviv
  • From Lviv to Tirana   
  • From Kharkiv to Larnaca, Tivat, and Tirana
  • From Zaporihzhzhia to Istanbul, Batumi, and Tirana

We also announced the start of a flight program from Odesa to the Greek island of Crete, from Zaporizhzhia and Lviv to Tivat, Montenegro, in June. And we also have something special for those who miss new discoveries and would like to get more impressions from their travels: in June we plan to go on a real expedition across Kazakhstan, and in July we will spend 4 unforgettable days on the Weekend for U in Georgia.

Partnership with Sabre Corporation

In May, SkyUp began cooperation with Sabre, one of the largest technology and software providers for the global travel industry. The company will distribute SkyUp fares on a global platform that provides an innovative marketplace for hundreds of thousands of travel agencies and corporations around the world. Thanks to this partnership, we improve the travel community's access to the airline's resources and become easily accessible in the global market.

Team growth

We are actively expanding our route network, which means that we are looking for talented specialists who are ready to join our team of aircraft commanders, co-pilots, and flight attendants. For details, please email to [email protected] or message us on our pages in social networks: SkyUp Airlines on Facebook, and on Instagram account.

*According to the internal statistics of SkyUp Airlines