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SkyUp performs flights that strengthen Ukraine

27 Dec 2022

At the end of December 2022, SkyUp Airlines, commissioned by charitable organizations and foundations, performed several charter flights to support and strengthen Ukraine and Ukrainians. Among the passengers were combat medics and citizens forced to leave the country due to hostilities. In addition, we have brought important cargo — generators and medicines.

Together with the "Kharkiv with you" Foundation, as a part of the Power of People project, we have brought 100 doctors from Chisinau to Stockholm, including 40 medics from the war zone on a rehabilitation mission. The airline operated this flight on a plane with the UNITED24 livery.

We helped 96 Ukrainians who were forced to seek asylum abroad due to the war in their native country to leave for Lisbon. The flight was commissioned by the Association of Ukrainian Refugees UAPT with the support and sponsorship of other companies. Back from the Portuguese capital, our plane also came full of generators, medicines, and other essential stuff. The flight arrived in Chisinau, and all things were later transported to Ukraine.

"As a Ukrainian air carrier, it is important for us to remain useful to our home country, so we are always open to partnerships with national and international organizations that seek for passenger or cargo air transportation to the airports closest to the border of Ukraine," says Dmytro Syeroukhov, CEO of SkyUp. "We are also sincerely grateful to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Aviation Service of Ukraine, and representatives of all state bodies for their assistance in organizing these flights. And special thanks to Viktor Puharskyi, the general agent of the SkyUp airline company in Portugal: we are surely proud of the effectiveness of our cooperation."

The SkyUp airline will continue to operate flights that strengthen Ukraine, help save citizens' lives, and bring our common victory closer.