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SkyUp changes the schedule of domestic flights: of the eight previously announced flights, five will continue

02 Jul 2020

For commercial reasons, from July 5, 2020, SkyUp Airlines will continue to operate flights in five of the eight previously announced destinations of the domestic program. The cancellation of flights will affect flights between Lviv and Kharkiv, as well as from Kyiv to Lviv and Kharkiv.

Why the flight program is being optimized

We analyzed the requests of Ukrainians and considered the experience of previous seasons, so this summer we planned flights in both the usual and new directions.

Domestic flights are a social product for SkyUp. We want Ukrainians to be able to travel quickly and affordably in their country. The launch of such flights is possible for us with the full resumption of the international flight program. After all, the lost income on domestic flights is offset by international destinations. The airline is just starting to operate charter flights to Turkey and Egypt, as well as regular flights to Albania. Further plans to resume the international flight program depend on the pandemic situation.

We note that Ukrainians are ready to fly at fares in the price range of 500-800 UAH. SkyUp works by the low-cost model and can provide only a certain percentage of tickets at a price of UAH 500. It is impossible to keep such a cost on the entire flight, because the VAT that is part of it significantly increases the prime cost of the flight. Thus, we observe the following trend: when more expensive tickets remain in the system, the demand for the flight decreases. Accordingly, the flight congestion decreases.

In addition, the willingness of Ukrainians to plan a flight is significantly affected by quarantine restrictions that causes new security measures during travel.

We continue to adhere to our social mission and make air travel for Ukrainians within the country comfortable and affordable. However, given the above factors, it is economically difficult for the company to implement such a quantity of domestic flights. So, at this stage we are making some adjustments to the internal flight program.

For what period flights are canceled

Kyiv – Lviv – Kyiv: from 06.07 to 15.09
Kyiv – Kharkiv – Kyiv: from 06.07 to 15.09
Kharkiv – Lviv – Kharkiv: from 05.07 to 15.09

Ticket refund

All passengers who have purchased tickets for the above flights will receive a refund automatically. The refund provides for a reimbursement of the full cost of a ticket to a bank card within a week. The airline will also e-mail a promo code for a 10% discount on the next purchase of tickets or services on the website. You do not need to additionally contact the airline with a request for refund.

We remind you that tickets for the following domestic flights are already being sold on the airline's website:

Kyiv – Odessa – Kyiv: daily
Kyiv – Zaporizhzhia: every day, except Saturday
Zaporizhzhia – Kyiv: every day, except Sunday
Kharkiv – Odesa – Kharkiv: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Lviv – Kherson – Lviv: Monday, Thursday, Saturday
Lviv – Odesa – Lviv: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday

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