Celebrate your flight: SkyUp to open a season of surprises for booking tickets

20 Aug 2019

We believe that everyone who travels is already lucky. Travelling brings excitement in the life indeed. Therefore, we’re glad when you choose SkyUp Airlines for your journey. To celebrate this together, we surprise everyone who books our tickets.

The main thing is that there are no winners or losers. Everyone* will be pleasantly surprised. The system will pick randomly what exactly is waiting for you.


What are the surprises?

Someone will get food on-board from our Celebrate your flight** menu. This will be one of the branded with chicken, beef, or cheese. And others will enjoy discount promo codes for next tickets by 3%, 5% or 7%.


How to participate?

  • book a ticket to any destination at  www.skyup.aero;
  • open a letter with a ticket that will be sent to your email. It will include a link to our giveaway;
  • click on the “Get a surprise” button. The programme will randomly choose what you’ll get.




* Everyone who has booked a SkyUp ticket receives one surprise from the company, regardless of the total number of tickets in the booking.
**Celebrate your flight.