In April, SkyUp operated 19 charter and humanitarian flights and 38 wet-lease flights · p. 437 - SkyUp Airlines
In April, SkyUp operated 19 charter and humanitarian flights and 38 wet-lease flights

In April, SkyUp operated 19 charter and humanitarian flights and 38 wet-lease flights

12 May 2022

We continue to work for peace and victory. In April, SkyUp aircraft carried almost 6,000 passengers and delivered almost 65 tons of cargo.

Passenger and evacuation flights

In April, SkyUp operated 19 flights and carried 903 passengers. Among them there are people who needed to get to safe places of temporary residence.

Dmytro Seroukhov, CEO of SkyUp Airlines, said, "A lot of help and necessary support in organizing the evacuation flights provided Victor Pukharsky and the Embassy of Ukraine in the Portuguese Republic, Serhiy Humeniuk, Counselor of the Embassy of Ukraine in Moldova, and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Moldova Mark Shevchenko, the Embassy of China in Moldova, and State Aviation Adminstration of Ukraine. We are sincerely grateful to the partners for their cooperation."

The routes on which we operated flights were: Antalya — Split, Istanbul — Athens, Istanbul — Antalya, Istanbul — Gdansk, Chisinau — Tel Aviv, Kosice — Istanbul, Lisbon — Warsaw.

Also under partnership contracts, we provided our aircraft for another 38 flights and carried 5,054 passengers.

Cargo transportation

In April, we operated 6 cargo flights and transported 64.6 tons of humanitarian cargo. The main routes of cargo delivery were Tel Aviv — Lublin, Tel Aviv — Chisinau, Lisbon — Warsaw. The content of humanitarian aid included helmets for defense forces, medicine and other essentials, hygiene products, diapers, and food.

FC Shakhtar charity matches

We are making great efforts to draw the world's attention to russia's unprovoked and unjustified full-scale military aggression against Ukraine. In April, SkyUp together with Shakhtar Football Club initiated a series of charity matches Shakhtar Global Tour for Peace.

The purpose of friendly matches is not only to raise funds to help Ukraine, but also to tell the whole world about the tragedy of innocent people. The team's footballers went out on the field in T-shirts with the names of cities affected by russian aggression, with the image of the daughter of the defender of Mariupol. A boy who managed to get out of Mariupol and the wife of a serviceman who died in Mariupol and their children went out with the players. In one of the sectors of the stadium, toys were laid out in numbers equal to the number of children killed by the russian occupiers.

In total, FC Shakhtar played four charity matches. In the first three with Olympiacos (Piraeus), Lechia (Gdansk), and Fenerbahce (Istanbul) they managed to raise 10.7 million hryvnias, which will be donated to Ukrainian defenders, medics, and war victims. The final match of the series took place on 1 May with Hajduk (Split).


We continue to look for partners for cooperation. Thanks to the companies with which we are already implementing joint projects, we are able to gradually resume operations. We now involve up to 40% of our team in part-time and full-time work.

We strive to work at full capacity for the sake of Ukraine and our team. We remind you that we are ready to operate evacuation flights and transport humanitarian cargo, provide our aircraft under wet leasing and attract the expertise of our specialists. More on