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Everything will be Spain: sun, beaches, entertainment — with SkyUp in August

29 Jul 2021

Many songs, books, and films are dedicated to Spain. Cheerfulness, distinctive local flair, eccentricity, charisma mixed with magnificent nature, modern beautiful cities, and ancient traditions are worth the attention of those who miss new experiences and adventures. We start our flight schedule in August. We plan to fly from Kyiv to Barcelona, ​​Alicante, and Tenerife.

Tickets are already available on skyup.aero.

Kyiv — Tenerife — Kyiv

We start on 20 August, operate flights on Fridays:

  • Kyiv — Tenerife: buy tickets from 166 euro*
  • Tenerife — Kyiv: buy tickets from 163 euro*

Kyiv — Barcelona — Kyiv

We start on 21 August, operate flights on Wednesdays and Saturdays:

  • Kyiv — Barcelona: buy tickets from 94 euro*
  • Barcelona — Kyiv: buy tickets from 99 euro*

Kyiv — Alicante — Kyiv

We start on 22 August, operate flights on Thursdays and Sundays:

  • Kyiv — Alicante: buy tickets from 81 euro*
  • Alicante — Kyiv: buy tickets from 79 euro*

Vacation in Spain includes but is not limited to flamenco dances, heavenly resorts washed with the waters of the ocean and seas, delicious cuisine and refreshing sangria, interesting walks and shopping. Whatever you choose, tune in to laugh a lot and enjoy everything around, as it is almost impossible to resist the cheerfulness of the Spaniards.

Rules of entry to Spain as of 29.07.21 

Since 27 July, Ukrainians can freely enter the country without providing vaccination certificates or negative coronavirus tests. The only condition is a special questionnaire completed in advance, before departure, on the portal of the Ministry of Health of Spain or in the SpTH application (Google Play, App Store). The QR code received after filling in can be checked before boarding the flight.

For a comfortable trip, we recommend that you check the current entry and stay rules before departure on the official internet sources of the arrival country or on the Travel Tips from the Consular Service of Ukraine website. Take care of yourself and discover the world with SkyUp.


*The price is as of the publication date