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Cargo transportation: SkyUp Airlines is developing a new line of business

Cargo transportation: SkyUp Airlines is developing a new line of business

23 Apr 2020

SkyUp Airlines begins to develop cargo transportation – in addition to passenger transportation, this will become another direction of the airline activity. For this, the company received all the necessary licenses and permits, as well as reconfigured 7 aircrafts of its passenger fleet. The company has already completed its first cargo flights in March and April of this year (about 50 flights), transporting mainly medical supplies equipment. The airline also plans to carry out cargo transportation after the renewal of passenger flights at the end of quarantine.

Opening a new direction in SkyUp business activity

The implementation of freight transportation as part of the activity was planned by the airline before the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The introduction of quarantine measures on a global scale, as well as the related crisis in the passenger air transportation market accelerated internal preparation processes and gave impetus to the faster development of the new direction in the airline's work.

By order of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine dated 03/23/2020, SkyUp Airlines is allowed to expand the type of economic activity from “passenger transportation by air” to “transportation of passengers and dangerous goods by air”.

While preparing the launch of the cargo transportation service, SkyUp Airlines has created in its structure a specialized department and a team of professionals in sales, organization and maintenance of cargo transportation at airports.

Reconfiguration of passenger aircrafts for the needs of freight transportation

The transportation of goods and the corresponding reconfiguration of SkyUp aircrafts for these needs were made in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, as well as in accordance with the instructions for the carriage of goods by passenger aircraft provided by the aircraft manufacturer (SkyUp has eleven Boeing aircrafts).

As of now, seven aircrafts have been reconfigured – four Boeing 737-800 and three Boeing 737-900. Another 2 aircrafts will be refitted soon.

To ensure the correct transportation of goods, we agreed on the partial removal of the seat blocks with the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, taking into account the Boeing recommendations (MOM-MOM-20-0239) and the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) guidelines for the carriage of goods in the passenger cabin.

The maximum allowed capacity of reconfigured SkyUp passenger aircrafts is:

  • Boeing 737-800 – up to 19 000 kg
  • Boeing 737-900 – up to 21 000 kg

Where do we fly

The airline has no country restrictions for cargo flights. Today, the majority of flights are carried out for cargo to China, and from there – to Europe. But we can serve any direction: depending on the rules for receiving cargo flights in different countries, we ourselves make a request for additional permits or get them directly from the charterer. Almost all types of cargo – food, textiles, toys, etc. can be transported by SkyUp aircrafts.

Plans for the future

After the situation in connection with the spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic get back to normal, we plan to continue our work in the field of freight transportation and develop this line of ​​activity. The work and organization of flights will be planned in such a way as to combine passenger transportation with the transportation of goods, in particular, in the baggage compartments of aircraft when performing regular flights.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused serious damage to the aviation industry. But we do not give up and do not stop. Passenger transportation remains a priority for the airline, but until the resumption of passenger flights, we need to make sure that the company continues to operate. It is important for us that aviation personnel maintain their qualifications and that aircrafts continue their airworthiness. I am sure that after the crisis, we will come out more hardened and stronger in order to continue to fulfill our mission we set up 2 years ago – to open the world to Ukrainians, and Ukraine to the world, ” – commented Yevhenii Khaynatsky, CEO of the airline.

Photo: Yurii Tanchyn