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SkyUp postpones the resumption of its flights: the government has extended the quarantine until May 11, 2020

23 Apr 2020

SkyUp postpones the renewal of scheduled flights until May 11, 2020 due to a nationwide quarantine extension. Passengers who have tickets for flights up to May 11 may reschedule them to other dates or receive a refund of the ticket in accordance with the terms of the fare.

Quarantine in Ukraine and in the world

Quarantine measures, including the temporary passenger air traffic ban, are now in place in most countries in Europe and all over the world. In order to fully resume scheduled flights, SkyUp needs the ban on flights to be cancelled not only in Ukraine but also in destination countries.

As of today, some countries report approximate start dates to mitigate measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as well as lockdown exit plans. However, there is no official information on the date of passenger traffic renewal. We will inform our passengers as soon as we have any information about this.

Conditions of date changing or reimbursement of tickets 

The continuation of the quarantine until May 11, 2020 makes it impossible for the airline to operate flights during this period, and therefore force majeure will also affect the conditions of reimbursement of tickets purchased for these dates.

Passengers with tickets for flights up to May 11 are offered the following options:

- to rebook the ticket for a later date within one year from the date of the first flight in the booking. The exceptions are the New Year and Christmas holidays and March 8 of the next year, namely: 12/24/2020 – 01/10/2021, 05/03 – 10/03/2021.

- to receive a refund of the ticket price in accordance with the terms of their tariff. Refunds will be made after the airline has resumed its operational activity.

For all issues related to the date change or reimbursement of tickets, please:

  • send an email to [email protected] if a ticket is purchased on the airline's website;
  • send a request to your agent if the ticket is purchased through the airline agent network.

How passenger requests are being processed

According to the airline's customer service, as of today, all passenger requests made by telephone, or e-mail, or via social media have been processed.

Consideration of questions on cancellation of reservations and refunds for canceled flights will be carried out after the end of the quarantine, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine aimed at preventing the onset and spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19)”, which provides for stopping the deadlines established by law for applying for services and the deadlines for the provision of these services, from the date of quarantine start. After quarantine is over, the time period for such deadlines begins to run.

All requests will be processed in turn as they arrive. Even though the reimbursement periods may exceed those stipulated by law and rules of the airline, we want to assure that all payments will be made.