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Vacation is a new format: CityBreak in Dubai with SkyUp

Vacation is a new format: CityBreak in Dubai with SkyUp

20 Oct 2020

CityBreak, a smart vacation for those who value their time and comfort, is now available in Dubai. We continue to improve the format of short trips and have opened the possibility for passengers to choose the date and number of travel days. On official website you can immediately see the generated price for CityBreak: a short vacation in Dubai is available form €300*.

You can find the most suitable and convenient CityBreak option on the airline's website in a special section. Depending on the flight program, passengers can choose a different number of days to stay in Dubai. Thus, for the next dates in October 2-3 nights trips are available, while those who are planning a vacation in November or December can optionally stay in Dubai for 4 nights.

CityBreak is a globally popular format of short vacations for those who do not plan to leave their business for a long time, but need to switch to other activity. The Smart Offer allows you to purchase tickets and book a hotel at a special price. A few days in another city help to reboot and get new impressions and emotions. In Ukraine, SkyUp introduced CityBreak in 2020. Currently it is possible to book a bright holiday in Dubai or Istanbul.

What do you need to know to travel to Dubai?

  • From August 1, 2020, to enter Dubai, everyone must provide an original negative PCR test result in English with a laboratory seal, made no more than 96 hours before arrival in the UAE, as well as a health insurance policy that covers possible costs for Covid-19 treatment in the country. Only medical institutions accredited in Ukraine must provide the certificate. This requirement does not apply to children under the age of 12 and passengers with moderate or severe disabilities.

  • Passengers must fill out a questionnaire that is issued on board of the aircraft during the flight, and upon arrival, hand it over to the quarantine service representatives.

  • Prior to departure, passengers must install the Covid19 – DXB Smart App and register in it for further possible communication with the UAE health authorities.

  • Upon arrival in Dubai, mandatory free PCR testing will be carried out. After it and before the official announcement of the negative result, all tourists must be in self-isolation. The test result must be received in the mobile application within 24 hours.

Please note that check-in at the airport is paid at Dubai International Airport. Passengers can check-in for free online in their personal account, and then be sure to receive a boarding pass at the check-in desk. Those who wish to check-in directly at the airport must pay 18 euros* in national currency equivalent, as well as a handling service commission of about 50 dirham*.

To have a comfortable trip and to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, we recommend that you additionally check the current rules and requirements before departure. Take care of yourself and discover the world with SkyUp. 


* - The price is valid at the time of publication.