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Refund of tickets for a cancelled flight in one click: SkyUp introduces automation of request processing

13 Jul 2020

SkyUp automates the processing of passenger requests for reimbursement of tickets for cancelled flights. Now, in their personal account on, passengers can themselves choose the type of refund for a cancelled flight without contacting the company's contact center. By doing so we will accelerate the processing of requests and fulfil our obligations to passengers.

General conditions for refunding tickets under quarantine

We want to remind you that if your flight was cancelled due to quarantine or due to the lack of permission for Ukrainian citizens to enter certain countries, you can choose:

  • refund of the ticket price in accordance with the conditions of your ticket fare;
  • free change of dates of your trip;
  • refund of the ticket cost by receiving a promotional code for 120% on any tickets or services of the airline.

If the flight was cancelled by the airline due to the optimization of the flight program, you are entitled to a refund of the full cost of the ticket.

Why a promo code is a good idea

If your flight has been cancelled due to quarantine restrictions, choosing a promotional code will not only allow you to save money in full, but to get additional 20% of the amount of the cancelled reservation. The promo code is not nominal, so you can give it to your friends or relatives. You can use the promo code within a year after the date of the first flight in your cancelled reservation, while you can use it for any number of tickets and services until you spend the entire amount to the last hryvnia.

How to make a choice of the compensation

The possibility to choose the type of refund is running on beta version. In the future, the functionality will be refined and expanded. As of now the choice between the promo code or refund of the ticket price is available. We will add the possibility for the passenger to change the travel dates within one or two weeks.

To manage changes, on SkyUp website go to the "Booking" tab, if you already have a registered account, or enter your name and reservation number in the "My Ticket" tab to log in to your personal online account. Click the "Refund" button in the upper left corner of the page. You will see a proposal to choose a reimbursement option that suits you. Follow the simple instructions, confirming your choice, until you receive a promo code or your refund request number.

If you have already applied to the airline with a request for a refund and want to change your choice, use the same algorithm in your personal account to change the status of the application for a promotional code (or later – to the date change). This is possible if the previously submitted application has not yet been invoiced for a refund.

You can always use the usual ways to contact us:

  • call the contact center at 0 800 30 31 13 or 044 331 30 00;
  • send a request to [email protected];
  • write in personal messages on social networks.