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Welcome in spring wherever you want: three days of tickets’ discounts and surprises from SkyUp

01 Mar 2021

Making dreams come true is always easier with SkyUp. Especially this spring: from March 1 to March 3, get a 15% discount on all scheduled flights* using the promotional code: spring15.

Another spring offer is valid from March 5: everyone can add surprises from SkyUp and our partners to your tickets. The promotion is valid until the last surprise.

It includes:

  • comfortable blankets from Fiorelli
  • gift certificates from Backstage
  • ticket to amazing Istanbul
  • LoveBox with magic flowers and cakes

There is also an opportunity to win 3%, 5% or 7% discounts on the purchase of the following tickets, as well as delicious rolls or gifts from Pepsi.

-15% on spring trips:

The offer will be valid from 00:00 March 1, 2021 to 23:59 March 3, 2021. A 15% discount applies to flights with a departure date until May 31, 2021 inclusive. Only tickets for regular flights* and tickets in city breaks participate in the promotion (the cost of the hotel is paid in full). Discount tickets can be purchased online with up to 12 installments.

Terms of action:

  • Before paying for a ticket with a card, you need to enter the promotional code: spring15.
  • In case of purchasing a ticket through an agent network, the agent also applies a promotional code, if it is not a special flight.
  • Passengers who have funds for canceled flights on their personal balance can use them to pay for tickets with discount. If the entire amount is paid in this way, then after purchase, cashback will be credited to the balance in the amount of a discount from the cost of tickets. You do not need to enter a promotional code.

In case of purchasing a ticket in a mixed way, using the passenger's balance and the card, cashback from the amount of the used balance funds will be credited to the balance.

How to get a surprise from SkyUp:

  • When issuing a ticket on the skyup.aero website for any destination and date available, select from additional services “Surprise from SkyUp”** button.
  • Open the letter with your booking, which we will send to the mailing address indicated when purchasing the ticket, and follow the link in it.
  • Click “Get Surprise” button. The program will randomly choose one of the available surprises for you***.

Find your favorite destinations, get surprises and discover the world with SkyUp.


* Except flights to Zanzibar and Tashkent.

** The cost of a surprise is UAH28, $1 or €1, depending on the selected currency to pay for the booking on the website.

*** One surprise is given for one booking, regardless of the number of tickets in the booking.