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Special flights upon request of the companies

SkyUp is open to cooperation on performing special flights. We have extensive experience in performing charter, cargo, evacuation and humanitarian flights ordered by companies or state bodies and organizations.

What we offer

Our fleet has 11 medium-haul Boeing-737 aircraft, the average age of which is 14 years.

The company's aircraft fleet consists of:

2 Boeing 737-700
9 Boeing 737-800

Our Boeing 737-800 New Generation planes are equipped with the SkyInterior configuration – an improved interior design with LED lighting and more convenient and spacious luggage shelves. Multi-colored interior lighting, which is selected depending on the phase of the flight, creates an atmosphere of comfort and allows passengers to endure long flights better. Some of our planes have been refurbished with Geven seats, and soon it is planned to install them on all the company's planes.

In addition, SkyUp offers quality service and a high level of service on board. Our crews regularly undergo training and courses, constantly improving their qualifications. They have a high level of training and will provide excellent service, listening to the needs of the customer.

We pay special attention to safety. In 2022, SAFA inspectors carried out 22 inspections of SkyUp Airlines flights at various airports. As of October 2022, the SAFA ratio of SkyUp is 0.3. In addition, the company has an EASA TCO and the right to operate flights to Great Britain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. And in June of this year, SkyUp Airlines received the TCO of Switzerland.


SkyUp invests in fleet modernization to reduce environmental emissions. We equipped our wings with Split Scimitar winglets to save fuel and improve aerodynamics. An aircraft with such winglets helps save 225,000 liters of fuel and reduces carbon emissions by 568 tons in a year.


Our experience

The company cooperates and performs flights ordered by sports teams. In particular, within the ongoing cooperation between SkyUp and FC Shakhtar, the airline performed 11 flights in 2022 and jointly initiated a series of charity matches with the club.


“Shakhtar FC and SkyUp Airlines have been cooperating since 2018. During this time, all charter flights of the team are carried out by SkyUp aircraft. And today we can testify with confidence that professionalism, responsibility, reliability and service of the highest level are all about SkyUp Airlines. But there is something that goes beyond cooperation: a partnership, the guarantee of which is identical values. Our relations very quickly turned from business only to more friendly. We value this friendship and our partnership and support each other. And this is the rare case when the relationship is more important than the commercial benefit. We are sure that the history of Shakhtar FC and SkyUp Airlines is just beginning, powerful and successful projects and bright positive emotions from cooperation await us ahead.”

FC FC "Shakhtar"

“Dear SkyUp Airlines,

On behalf of the Rigas Futbola Skola football club, I would like to express our gratitude to SkyUp Airlines for the high level of service, provided to our football club during the flights Riga-Pisa-Riga and Riga-Istanbul-Riga, which were performed by SkyUp Airlines in September-October 2022.

I wish success and prosperity to SkyUp Airlines and I am looking forward to our further cooperation.”

FK RFS Māris Verpakovskis

In the spring of 2022, in partnership with The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, we evacuated more than 2,700 citizens of Ukraine on flights to Israel, as well as evacuated Ukrainians to Portugal, Sweden, etc. Along with people seeking safety, we also transported their pets. For the convenience of citizens, evacuation flights to/from Ukraine were carried out as close as possible to our border, including the airports of Chisinau (KIV), Iasi (IAS), Suceava (SCV), Bucharest (OTP), Rzeszów (RZE), Katowice (KTW), Kosice (KSC).

Also, in September 2022, SkyUp joined the organization of special flights for the celebration of Rosh Hashanah by Hasidic pilgrims. The airline made fourteen flights: six — from Tel Aviv to Chisinau and eight — in the reverse direction. A total of 1,122 passengers* arrived from Israel as part of the program, and 1,496* returned.

* According to SkyUp airline internal statistics


Our planes have a passenger configuration, at the same time we can carry cargo in the baggage compartments. The geography of such transportation may include major airports in Europe and the world**.

SkyUp Airlines has the ability to deliver cargo to the nearest destination to the Ukrainian border, including the airports of Chisinau (KIV), Iasi (IAS), Suceava (SCV), Bucharest (OTP), Rzeszów (RZE), Katowice (KTW), Kosice (KSC).

By using our aircraft, you will help SkyUp Airlines continue operations during wartime. Our company will be able to pay taxes to the state treasury and keep jobs for more than 1,500 employees. By supporting us, you support Ukraine.

The airline is ready for cooperation in the form of non-regular, special flights at the request of companies, as well as cargo transportation. We strive to make the service more convenient, so we provide partner support 24/7 during the flight. Fill out the contact form on the page.

We will continue to stand side by side with our partners and customers, accelerating the inevitable victory of our state with our actions.

** — with the exception of the russian federation, belarus republic and those territories where hostilities are taking place.


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