Carina Lukina, flight attendant of SkyUp Airlines

Hi, I'm - Carina Lukina, flight attendant of SkyUp Airlines


Probably, in the life of every person there comes a moment when you want to change absolutely everything in it. So, I woke up one morning looking for something that would inspire me. I wanted to find a job that would make every day different, better.

As I thought about it, I remembered my first and only flight before I worked as a flight attendant. The whole range of emotions from the plane, the flight attendants in a beautiful uniform, the flight came up with bright pictures. So, I had a strong desire to learn this profession from within, to feel a part of this completely different life.

Working at SkyUp

I remember my first flight. It was exciting, but delightful. On your first flight with an instructor, you can always count on his control and help. And after you've been cleared for independent flights, you get on board in a completely different way - like a queen. And every time you'll always be supported and helped by the whole crew. I don't know what other job you can find so much responsiveness and cohesion in one place.

I love this job infinitely for so much! For the opportunity to travel, meet and communicate with different interesting people. For the incredible beauty of sunsets and sunrises at an altitude of 11,000 meters. To the sympathetic and always friendly colleagues. For the emotions that passengers share with you as they get off the plane and go on their long-awaited vacation.

When you first start working, it's hard to adapt to your work schedule - you sleep during the day and eat and work at night. It's like everything is turned upside down. But this feeling passes quickly: you adjust your plans to the schedule and discreetly start to get high.

In this mode, a good feeling will help keep you active. Training in the gym, walks around the city, good nutrition, and during the flight necessarily - a lot of water.

To become a flight attendant, in my opinion, such qualities as responsibility and communication will help. Of course, you will also need stress resistance, because the situations on board are different, and the flight attendant should be the embodiment of calmness and confidence.

Romance in detail

The flight attendant's job is considered one of the most romantic, and it's true.

You can see romance in the little things. When a man orders a bouquet of flowers on a flight for a companion, it's just that. When the birthday girl is congratulated with a cake. And you become a part of that moment when you present a surprise - SkyUp literally brings romance on board.

I notice romance in everything: when a girl pulls her boyfriend's elbow to show a plane that's visible from afar, or the sunrise that permeates the plane with its rays, or when the commander calls the area we fly over with a focus on the sights.

Why SkyUp?

The first thing that caught my attention was the color of the uniform. Then I started to learn more about the company and realized that this is what I want.

SkyUp is about stability, about the level of income. It's a young and committed team and executives who are rapidly developing the company in every aspect. It's a young, fast-growing fleet and the constant discovery of new directions.

Our work involves close contact with many people. Each of our flights is filled with different situations, sometimes funny or unusual.

One day we flew from Sharjah (UAE) to Kiev. This flight requires refueling the plane at Antalya Airport. After all the procedures we took off, and after a while I was stopped by a passenger and asked: "Why did we refuel in Antalya, couldn't we have done it in Sharjah so we wouldn't stop for a whole hour?" I gave an extended answer with explanations to the passenger, which was followed by another question: "What if you took the fuel with you? "During the flight, fill it up. At first, I had a joking conversation, but it turned out that the passenger's offer was completely serious 😊.

I don't know what I could trade the flight attendant's job for. If I have to change jobs, I know for sure that I won't sit still and love my new job as much as I love my SkyUp flight attendant.

My life values are love, family, children. Making my dreams and wishes come true. Friends and an inspiring environment. Optimism is the key to success in everything and honesty to others, and above all to me. And gratitude for everything that happens in my life.


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