Oleg Solovyanchik, captain, TRI of SkyUp Airlines

Hi, I'm - Oleg Solovyanchik, captain, TRI of SkyUp Airlines


Choosing aviation, I made a child's dream come true, because the desire to become a pilot appeared in preschool age. This thought did not leave me for a second - I set a goal to be a pilot.

The path was not easy, but my family always understood and supported me. Different circumstances can happen in life, the main thing is that there are always family members who understand you.

The main characteristic of a pilot is his professional reliability. If you love what you do, your main goal is to improve in your profession.


Working at SkyUp

SkyUp has a good technical base as well as a well-coordinated team where you feel part of a big team.

A KBC instructor takes the responsibility to transfer his experience and knowledge, ensuring flight safety. We work with both experienced and new pilots. The instructor becomes a mentor, and sometimes even an inspirer.

Flights on the simulator are the most important part of crew training - modern aviation simulators allow to practice actions in any emergency situations without limitations, instantly change flight conditions, weather, geographic location, stop the task for analysis and repetition, etc. This makes the crew as prepared as possible for safe operation of a real aircraft.


Life outside work

My daily routine is dictated by my flight schedule. It is necessary to observe the correct mode of sleep and rest depending on the time and complexity of the upcoming flight. In general, with experience you can no longer pay special attention to the schedule: day or night - in any case, our favorite passengers are waiting for us.

In my free time I like to do active sports, go fishing. The best rest for me is time spent with my family.

There is no special recipe to succeed and reach the peaks. A person can do anything, the main thing is to set a goal and go smoothly to it. Of course, motivation plays a big role here.

It is difficult for me to imagine life without aviation, but if I had to change my occupation, maybe it would be private business management.


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