Tanya Taran, SkyUp Airlines senior flight attendant

Hi, I'm - Tanya Taran, SkyUp Airlines senior flight attendant


I've been a flight attendant for eight years.

Since childhood I love to travel, I spent all my money at the university for travel. I have always dreamed of a job that would allow me to travel the world and communicate with people a lot. So, one phone call changed my life.

My job is my dream, which became my intention and then my reality.

Between my time working as a flight attendant with different airlines, I worked on the ground for a while. However, I quickly realized that I couldn't look through the paperwork in the office from 9 to 18. People come into the profession and almost immediately realize whether they do. Someone leaves at the very beginning. But those who stay admit that once they fall in love with the sky, they cannot leave it. Aviation is forever.

I love my work for its romance and beauty. The boundless sky, the dawns and sunsets in the window are unbelievable. You won't see such a picture from the office window. And also, for understanding that you are fulfilling an important mission. When I can be useful to people, I feel strong and confident.


Working at SkyUp

I had no doubts about whether or not to go to SkyUp.

SkyUp Airlines is the fastest start and development of the company in the history of Ukrainian aviation. The year of its existence is 8 aircrafts. And here aviation experts share their experience with newcomers so that the company becomes a benchmark in the world market of low-cost aircraft. Therefore, there was only a great desire to develop together with SkyUp.

Now I understand that the company exists to give people the best choice.

Also, a lot depends on the team. Very much. I have something to compare with - I have been working as a flight attendant since 2011, SkyUp is my fourth airline. We have a friendly and cohesive team. Here you feel in harmony with yourself and others.

The movement gives me strength and additional energy. I'm crazy about changing the environment, just for a little while. And here I have the opportunity to visit many corners of the world, and if I am in one country for several days - even to study it in detail. I plan to fly around the world and see many more countries.

You want to fly with SkyUp Airlines?

You, of all people, can be our flight attendant.

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