Check-in for the flight and boarding (regular and charter flights):

Start of check-in:

2.5 hours before departure

End of check-in:

45 minutes before departure

Start of boarding:

45 minutes before departure

End of boarding:

20 minutes before departure

How to check in for a flight

You can check in for a flight (international or domestic, scheduled or charter) both online and at the airport of departure.

Online check-in is free of charge, at the airport this service costs 21 USD* (except for certain categories of passengers, see Check-in at the airport below).

How to check in for a flight

Online check-in becomes available in your personal account on the airline's website:

  • for the Basic fare - 48 hours before the flight departure
  • for the Standard fare - 15 days before the flight departure
  • for the Flex fare - 30 days before the flight departure or free of charge at the airport.

The service closes 3 hours before departure.

Seat selection during online check-in:

  • for the Basic fare - seat selection for an additional fee or automatic seat assignment during online check-in
  • for the Standard fare - free seat selection from row 5 to the end of the cabin, except for seats near emergency exits
  • for the Flex fare - free choice of any seat in the cabin.

You can print out your boarding pass or show it to an airport employee on any electronic device.

Online check-in is free of charge.

Cities from which online check-in is possible

Domestic flights

International scheduled flights:

International charter flights:

Zaporizhzhia Kyiv Lviv Odesa Kharkiv Kherson

Dubai Larnaca Naples Tel Aviv Tirana Istanbul Tbilisi Yerevan

Antalya Hurghada Sharm El Sheikh

On departure from some airports there is no online check-in yet, so check-in at such airports also remains free.

Check-in at the airport

In cities where online check-in is available, the check-in at the airport is charged at USD 21*.

The check-in fee at the airport only applies to scheduled flights, it remains free for charter passengers.

For passengers traveling on the Flex fare, check-in at the airport is free.
For such passengers, there is a separate counter - “Priority check-in”.

Categories of passengers for whom check-in at the airport is free

Issuance of a boarding pass at the airport is free for the following categories of passengers:

  • people over 65;
  • ATO/JFO participants (upon presentation of confirming documents);
  • persons with disabilities of groups I and II (upon presentation of confirming documents);
  • charter passengers;
  • passengers departing from cities where online check-in is not implemented.

You can read more about the introduction of the check-in fee at the airport in our . news.

Check-in of passengers traveling with children

For the convenience of our little travelers and their parents, we have made a special counter "Family Check-in". So far, such a counter is available only at Boryspil Airport as well as at Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv airports, but they will soon appear in other cities from which SkyUp operates its flights.

For passengers traveling to Dubai

All passengers traveling to the UAE must provide the original negative result of the PCR test in English, made in a medical institution accredited by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine no more than 72 hours before arrival in the UAE. The airline reserves the right to refuse transportation to passengers without an appropriate document.

Due to the special rules for checking documents at Dubai International Airport, passengers who have checked in online must go to the check-in counter to receive a printed boarding pass no later than one hour before departure. For passengers who have already checked in online the issuing of boarding passes is free of charge.

The check-in for the flight directly at the airport is paid (21$ *), and in case of cash payment, a handling service commission is also charged (50 dirham*).

Check-in at the airport opens 3 hours before and closes 1 hour before departure.

Read more about the rules for entering the UAE here.

For passengers traveling in international transit

If you are connecting to a flight of another airline at the airport in a foreign country, please what documents you need to enter the country through which you will fly.

SkyUp is a point-to-point low-cost airline (we fly from point A and deliver passengers to point B). We do not yet operate transit/transfer flights, so if you are flying with checked baggage, or you need to check in for your next flight, upon arrival at the international airport you will need to leave the transit area and enter the airport hall (for baggage claim or check-in). In such cases, a visa/transit visa and/or a negative COVID-19 test and/or vaccination certificate, etc. may be required (depending on the country of arrival and your citizenship).

Please note that passengers themselves are responsible for the availability of the appropriate travel documents, such as visa/transit visa/vaccination certificate/negative test for COVID-19, etc.

If the passenger's documents do not meet the requirements of the country of arrival, or the passenger has incomplete travel documents, the airline representatives may refuse to check in and/or board the flight.

Documents required for the check-in

To check in for a flight and perform pre-flight formalities at the airport of departure, you must have the original documents with you: a valid international passport for international travel or a passport/ID card for domestic flights.

Internal passport must have an up-to-date photo, which is changed at the age of 25 and 45.

E-documents in the Diya application (Ukrainian passport or biometric international passport) are accepted exclusively on domestic flights departing only from the Boryspil airport.

At the checkpoint, you’ll need to open the application and show the QR code screen for scanning the uploaded digital version of your document.

Be sure to wear a mask and maintain a safe physical distance when entering the airport. To learn more about the new flight safety rules, click here.

Check the rules for crossing the borders of Ukraine according to the list of countries of the “red” and “green” zones on the website of the Ministry of Health. Take care of yourself and travel comfortably.


Pet in cabin

  • Only cats and dogs
  • Maximum weight - 10 kg (with cage)
  • Dimensions of cage - 50x40x25 cm
  • Maximum 4 cages per aircraft
60 $*

Pet in baggage

  • Maximum weight - 23 kg (with cage)
  • Dimensions of cage – the sum of dimensions should not exceed 310 cm
120 $*

Unaccompanied Minor

  • Age from 5 to 16 years on international flights
  • Age from 5 to 14 years on domestic flights
60 $*

Extra baggage, up to 23 kg

  • Maximum weight - 23 kg
  • Parameters – up to 158 cm in the sum of three dimensions
45 $*

Oversize baggage

  • The sum of three parameters exceeds 158 cm in the sum of three dimensions, but up to 330 cm
70 $*

Sport equipment

  • Maximum weight - 23 kg
  • Parameters – up to 330 cm in the sum of three dimensions
  • Free of charge if the equipment and the baggage together weigh up to 23 kg.
60 $*

Extra seat

  • Free seat near the passenger
  • If there are at least 5 seats available on the flight
120 $*


  • The first raw
  • Emergency raw
18 $*


  • Raw 2 to 4
12 $*

Extra hand luggage

  • 1 place - up to 9 kg
  • Parameters 55x40x20 cm
25 $*

Extra weight of checked baggage, 1 kg

  • If the weight of checked baggage is more than 23 kg
  • For each extra kg
  • Maximum weight of one piece - 32 kg
6 $*

Delivery at aircraft (DAA)

  • 1 pc to 10 kg, sum of parameters up to 158 cm
  • Passengers carry their hand luggage themselves and pick it up after arriving near aircraft
60 $*

Extra hand baggage in the cabin

  • Transported in a separate seat next to the passenger
  • Maximum size - 40x55x115 cm
  • Maximum weight - 75 kg
GoShow fare (if there is a spare seat available)

*Paid in the national currency of the country of departure at the rate on the day of payment