Andrei Molodyi, SkyUp’s first officer

Hi, I'm - Andrei Molodyi, SkyUp’s first officer


I've wanted to be a pilot since I was a kid. I made the final decision at school. Or, better to say, this decision was made for me right after my birth. After all, my father is a captain on Boeing 737. He was always an example and motivation for me. My older brother followed in my father's footsteps and became a pilot. My choice was predetermined by the family tradition. 😊

I went to NAU, and then to the United States. After training and getting a type of Boeing 737, you have to fly Base Training - it's a flight around the airport with 6 takeoffs and landings. For the first time on a real Boeing 737, not a simulator, it's cool. Although the flight lasted 40 minutes, the feeling when you go up into the sky and land a plane weighing 70 tons is forever. I've been going to this all my life.


Working at SkyUp

SkyUp is interested in its prospects and new planes. Now, working here for almost two years, I am satisfied.

I like it:

  • European concept,
  • the attitude towards the team,
  • that you're always welcome in the office,
  • that the team is great,
  • and the fact that the planes are well cared for here at 😊

I enjoy the whole flight, I like to make things right, like in a book. But most of all, I'm high on descent. You calculate your reduction profile while keeping the overall picture in mind, keeping the correct speed, controlling everything. It ends with a soft landing. And when flight attendants give thanks from passengers, you glow with happiness.

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