Tanya Lysenko, flight attendant in SkyUp Airlines

Hi, I'm - Tanya Lysenko, flight attendant in SkyUp Airlines


I remember when I was a kid, when I heard an airplane flying by, I screamed joyfully: "Mom, look, the plane's flying!" And, squinting at the bright sun, I watched for a long time after the plane had disappeared. I was breathtaking from what I saw - every time, like the first time. Then the dream of becoming a flight attendant was born, though it seemed unreal: the universities of this profession do not teach, and how to get into the world of aviation, I had no idea.

It's been many years. Children's dreams had been forgotten, and my profession was very far from the sky. Everything changed my move to the capital: in search of work I sent my CV to different companies and even had a couple of days to work in one of them. And suddenly I got a message from my mother, there was a link to the flight attendant's job and the signature: "Remember, you dreamed of sky?"

That's when I sent my CV, not really believing in what I'd get. But it all worked out in a way I never imagined: I got a call back and got an interview. I did well, and so began my career as a flight attendant.

Working at SkyUp.

I learned about SkyUp Airlines from friends: everyone has heard about this young airline, talked about its friendly staff, positive atmosphere and planes with smileys. I found out from social networks that this company is growing rapidly, constantly expanding its directions and increasing the number of planes in the fleet. I did not think for a second - I wanted to be part of this team and develop together.

Before my first flight as a flight attendant, I was very worried. During my studies I was already on board as an intern, but at that time I had an instructor with me - a person who will support me in any situation. It was very exciting, but all the worries passed when I saw my crew. At such moments you understand what a real cohesive team means: the guys themselves were once newcomers - they cheered me up and said that they would always come to the rescue. And it is true - we are not just colleagues; we are a friendly family.

I love my work for the opportunities: to see amazing sunrises and sunsets, to meet wonderful people, to be in different cities and countries. And, for the opportunity to be useful not only to ourselves, but also to our passengers.

The most difficult thing in my profession is that our work schedule does not coincide with the usual five-day office schedule. It has become a rarity to meet with family members - you start to really appreciate every moment spent together. I am grateful to my loved ones for accepting.

How to start a dream career

To enter this profession, a person must have a significant set of qualities - it can sometimes take a whole day to select for a job.

For me, the main qualities of a flight attendant are stress resistance and communication skills. Every day we meet a lot of people. Many of them fly for the first time or suffer from aerophobia. It's our duty to reassure them that the flight will go well. And that's true, because the plane is the safest mode of transport. That's why we need to be calm and convincing.

A person who is afraid to fly, even with low turbulence, may panic. Then no argument about flight safety, that we have a young fleet, he does not accept. We need to calm him down: usually talk about distractions, such as the upcoming vacation helps. Also, your favorite book or movie, or maybe something delicious to make a person feel most comfortable during the flight, will help.

Of course, it is necessary to be tidy, collected and punctual - the plane will not wait. You need to be ready to wake up in Ukraine and fall asleep in Egypt, fly at night or have breakfast at three in the morning. And the main thing is to love your work endlessly, because people always feel how sincere your smile is.

On regular flights, a full sleep and balanced nutrition help me to keep myself feeling good. And good mood is always with me, because I am doing my favorite thing.

Pleasant bonuses.

When you fly above the clouds like in cotton candy and see the whole earth like in the palm of your hand, you realize that it is not for nothing that our profession is considered the most romantic.

In our work, interesting stories and pleasant meetings are always happening. One day, a cute, blond as dandelion baby came to me and the girls by the curtain, which separates the kitchen from the salon. He paid absolutely no attention to his mother's attempts to stop him and pulled his pens to hug each of us. He only spoke German, but there was so much spontaneity and kindness in it that we easily found common ground and were in a good mood all day long.

I don't stick to any special rituals before my flight, but I do check very carefully and repeatedly if I have forgotten anything. It is only after making sure that everything is in place that I am relieved to breathe out and take the flight.

All the countries I've been to are beautiful in their own way. Tenerife has incredible black beaches and an infinitely blue ocean, and a jamón that is worth a try. In China, at first sight I was conquered by a hotel complex of 8 houses built in the form of trees. In Kazakhstan I met very friendly and open people, and in this country unforgettable landscapes: mountains, lakes, canyons. This is a real paradise for fans of active rest.

There is no way I would agree to change my profession. Aviation is love at first sight.


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