Ciao lo sono Elvira Zhurba, SkyUp flight attendant


I've always wanted to be a flight attendant. From school I started to study what requirements and personal qualities are necessary for this profession. I never even flew then. But I knew I would like it.

I tried myself as an expert brand, but I realized that this is not my thing, it's time to change something. And then SkyUp appeared on the Ukrainian market. I thought it was a sign of fate.

Now I know - my job is my dream! I enjoy life and enjoy it.


Working at SkyUp

I'm glad I got here. It's nice to be at the source, to work from the very beginning of the company's creation. We started a new story with SkyUp. We felt responsible and eagerly awaited every aircraft, rejoicing at the new routes and achievements. That's not like anything else.

I feel like we're one big, close-knit family. Together we want to make people happy, to give them a chance to see the world.

I love work because it's not like the others! We have a non-standard schedule, a broken schedule, we sleep during the day and work at night. We may find ourselves in another city or country. Perhaps this adrenaline is what attracts us! I don't know how to work in an office from 9 a.m. But I can get up at night, get together and smile at the passengers in the morning! And, of course, the views from the window are special love.

And even during the flight time flows slower, and youth lasts longer. Therefore, flight attendants always look great. This is not a myth! You know that, don't you? 😊

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