Carry-on baggage and baggage

Hand luggage:

General rules

On SkyUp flights the cost of your ticket, regardless of the selected fare, already includes the transportation of one piece of carry-on baggage.

1 piece per passenger
55х40х20 cm
Weight: :
up to 7 kg

Additionally, you can take:

  • laptop;
  • women’s/men’s bag;
  • outerwear;
  • umbrella;
  • book or magazine, folder for papers;
  • Duty Free goods (one closed bag with a receipt inside the bag).

The total weight and size of these additional items should not exceed 3 kg and parameters 35х20х10 cm.

If you are traveling with a child, you can take with you for free:

  • a stroller, a baby travel cradle (for a child under 1 year old). You deliver the stroller to the ladder and receive it near the plane after landing;
  • a bag for infants with baby things, toys, food, etc. (parameters 40x30x20 cm, weight up to 5 kg).

Carry-on baggage for passengers with reduced mobility

Passengers with disabilities can take the auxiliary equipment they need during the flight into the aircraft cabin: a folding wheelchair, cane, crutches, walkers, etc. If you need medicines on board during the flight, please, agree on the possibility of their transportation with the airline.


You can carry liquids, suspensions, creams, pastes in your carry-on baggage in an amount not exceeding 100 ml per item. Liquid in packages with a volume of more than 100 ml, even if the container is partially filled, is not allowed for carriage in the cabin. The total volume of such substances in carry-on baggage, packed in containers of 100 ml (grams), must not exceed 1 liter (kg) per passenger.

Large volumes should be carried in checked baggage.

Electronic cigarettes, tobacco heating systems, vapes

For safety reasons, electronic cigarettes/tobacco heating systems/vapes are allowed on board our aircraft only in carry-on baggage. Please note that some countries do not allow their import and use.

The passenger is allowed to have up to 1 liter of vape liquid, packaged in bottles of no more than 100 ml. Vials should be wrapped in a tight bag.

Note! Using or charging electronic cigarettes/tobacco heating systems/vapes on board or near the aircraft is prohibited.

Items prohibited for transportation in carry-on baggage

  • real, fake or toy weapons;
  • sharp objects: knives, razors, scissors, etc;
  • nail files/nail clippers;
  • injection needles (allowed if there is a medical document confirming the need for their use);
  • baseball bats, golf clubs, maces and batons;
  • knitting needles, corkscrews, spoons/forks;
  • pressurized containers, including shaving foams, styling foams and other foams or deodorants and hairsprays.

For more information about the things that are allowed or prohibited for transportation in carry-on/checked baggage, please follow the link.

Important! For passengers traveling to Turkey, UAE and Azerbaijan

Passengers traveling to these countries are only allowed to take a woman's/men's purse or briefcase, a laptop bag and a baby bag to the aircraft.

Carry-on baggage must be checked in free of charge to the luggage compartment.

Such restrictions are introduced at the request of the competent authorities of Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan in order to reduce the contact of the crew with passengers' baggage, as well as to ensure the ability to maintain a comfortable distance on the plane.

Checked baggage: information about add. baggage you can find in the add. services section

1 piece per passenger
free of charge (starting with Standard fare)
The size:
158 cm in the sum of three measurements
up to 23 kg

Not recommended items for carriage at checked baggage:

items that may break or perishable (fruits, vegetables, plants )
cash, keys, jewelry
photo/video devices
items made of expensive metals or silver
Aircompany is not responsible for any damage or lost indicated below items

Sport equipment:

1 piece per passenger
The size:
the total of dimensions is no more than 330 cm
up to 23 kg
25 EUR* (if paid in advance)
50 EUR* (when paid at the airport)
If your fare provides for a single piece of baggage, SkyUp offers an additional option for passengers with their own equipment. The fee for its transportation is covered with the baggage allowance, namely, is transported FOR FREE if the equipment and personal items together weigh up to 23 kg.
If the total weight exceeds 23 kg, the fee for transporting equipment is 25 euros.

Only one set of sportswear can be placed in one case of sport equipment, personal items are not included in this set. Sport equipment must be transported in a special case. Sport equipment does not include items such as skate, scooter, gyroboard, monowheel, children bike, circus equipment (hoops, rings, etc.). These items should be transported as checked baggage (it is forbidden to carry these items if they have a non-removable battery; if the battery is removable, it must be carried only in a hand luggage and its power should not exceed 70 watts).

Other conditions can be agreed upon request additionally.

Quadcopter transportation

More videos - more vivid memories of the trip :)
Take your flying friend with you to capture the highlights of your trip.

The quadcopter can be transported in checked baggage. In case it has a battery, you must remove it to the carry-on baggage.
Please note, not all countries allow you to import a quadcopter, so we recommend you to check in advance the rules for entering the country to which you are planning a flight.

Carriage of car seats

If you wish to transport the child car seat as checked baggage, you need to check it in at the airport.

Please note the car seat is considered a separate piece of checked baggage. Carriage of it in the baggage hold is subject to payment if your ticket is purchased:

  • at the Basic fare, which does not include a paid baggage piece;
  • at Flex or Standard fares if you already have a piece of checked baggage.

If you purchased tickets at a Standard or Flex fare, you can carry your car seat for free, instead of your main checked baggage.

up to 158 cm (in the sum of three measurements L+H+W)
up to 23 kg

Musical instruments:

by buying a separate seat
in carry-on baggage within the rules of carriage or in the baggage within the rules of carriage and proper packaging

Prohibited and dangerous items:

in baggage limited according to aviation safety instructions
Is not allowed:
no carry-on baggage

Weapons and ammunition - not transported

Baggage with declared value:

It is transported within the norms of transportation, value is the responsibility of the insurance company.

Lost or Damage baggage

*National Bank of Ukraine currency rate on the day of payment.