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First time: thekomakoma online charity concert in space, supported by UNITED24 and SkyUp

12 May 2023

We all dream of flying in the peaceful Ukrainian sky. But how about a space trip to the stars?  And not just a trip, but one that helps children. For the first time, thekomakoma, with the support of the state fundraising initiative UNITED24 and SkyUp Airlines, is organizing a charity concert with augmented reality, which will take place in 3D space.  All funds collected will go to the reconstruction of the Buziv academic lyceum in the Kyiv region, which was damaged during hostilities.

"The UNITED24 platform has recently launched a new fundraising focus, "Education and Science," which was supported by ambassadors — Nobel laureates Paul Nurse, Edward Moser and May-Britt Moser, as well as Star Wars: Ahsoka star Ivanna Sahno. A total of $1,250,000 is needed to rebuild the school in the village of Buzova.  A significant part was donated on the first day of opening of the channel.  We aim to raise another $225,000 so that the children can attend school from September. We believe that thekomakoma online concert will help us in this goal", says Yaroslava Hres, coordinator of UNITED24.

thekomakoma is a Kyiv artist originally from the Ternopil region, who combines electronic music with the national sound of his region in his work. The artist has three albums and original tracks "Zirochky", "Sonechko", "Richka charivnytsia", which have long taken over the Internet and collect millions of views.

As part of the cosmic online concert, a new, 4th album called "Future" will be presented. MC Svarka and Vasya Baidak, who are also known for their charitable initiatives, will host the event.

thekomakoma comments: “I try to help our country in times of war through creativity. When it comes to fundraising, I try to put an artistic value into it as well, because art and culture are relevant at any time. A concert in space is an exit from the real world, an exit to another space, where there is a place for music and goodness. My team and I are doing our best to make sure that this concert gives you a good feeling and that you can fill yourself up and give a part of yourself by donating to a good cause. I invite everyone to a space flight“!

"Despite the sky being closed to civil aviation, our desire to give a unique travel experience takes us even higher — into space, because thekomakoma's music is about high values ​​that resonate with us as well. Therefore, we were happy to support the online concert and the UNITED24 initiative to help children who dream of studying in their own school and hope that this dream will come true," says Marianna Hryhorash, Marketing Director of SkyUp Airlines.

All users of the Diya application will be able to go on interplanetary musical adventures with thekomakoma, SkyUp Airlines and United24. The concert will be broadcasted on May 17 at 20:00 on the Megogo Live channel. U24 collection will continue during the event.

How to watch a concert?

The broadcast will take place on May 17 at 20:00 Kyiv time on the MEGOGO LIVE music channel of the MEGOGO media service and in the "Diya" application through the "Diya.TV" service - the MEGOGO LIVE channel.

How to donate for the reconstruction of the lyceum?

During the broadcast, the collection for the U24 donor box will continue, so it will be possible to make a money transfer as conveniently and safely as possible.

Why do we collect money for the Buziv Lyceum?

Buziv academic lyceum is located in Buchansky district of Kyiv region.  The premises of the educational institution were badly damaged during the hostilities last year, and 452 students are currently deprived of the opportunity to study normally.  $1,250,000 is needed to fully restore the lyceum and return children to school. This is a big sum, but together Ukrainians are capable of anything.