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Travel with children


up to 2 years:
from 2 to 12 years:

Baggage / hand luggage for child and infant:

For infants:
1 hand luggage weighing up to 5 kg, parameters 40x30x20 cm (hand luggage is considered to be 1 bag with food and things that the baby needs during the flight)

Baby bassinets and baby strollers

For babies:
For children from 2 years old:
according to the baggage allowance

Children traveling alone

We are all a big and friendly family at SkyUp, and we will be happy to take care of your child during his/her independent trip and bring him/her with comfort to the destination point.

Children from 5 to 12 years of age can travel independently, provided that their parents or their substitutes fill out the appropriate, properly executed documents and pay for the services established by the SkyUp rules.

To ensure your child gets an unforgettable experience of traveling alone, you only need to book the service "Accompaniment of a minor child". It costs 60 €* (the same price for the booking online or directly at the airport).

We can't offer an accompaniment service for kids under 5, but we look forward to when they grow up :)

How to book a service

Book your child a ticket online on our website, choosing the category “Adults”. Then send us a request at [email protected], to book the service, indicating the ticket booking code. It is possible to book the service:
online — no later than 24 hours before departure;
at the airport — until the end of check-in.

As the child accompaniment service is quite popular among our passengers, and the number of children travelling alone is limited to 6 on one flight, we advise you to take care of your child's flight and the accompaniment service booking in advance.

Documents required for children’s travelling on their own

  • birth certificate (for a flight in Ukraine) or a child's international passport (for an international trip);
  • the parents notarized permission for the child to travel abroad;
  • notarized power of attorney in the name of the airline for the carriage of a child, when departing from Ukraine abroad**;
  • when a child leaves from abroad to Ukraine, he does not need to have permission or power of attorney from his parents, he only needs to have a travel document and a “Unaccompanied Minor Handling Advice” form filled out by the parents.

At the airport

At the check-in counter our agents will ask you to fill out a special form called “Unaccompanied Minor Handling Advice”. After that, a SkyUp Airlines representative will accompany your child to the plane, where our flight attendants will take care of him/her.

We ask the parents of a child traveling alone to stay at the airport until the plane takes off.

On the plane

During the flight SkyUp Airlines flight attendants will surround the child with their attention and care. The young traveler can count on their support and help in any situation.

Please talk to your child before the trip and warn him/her of the importance of staying in his/her place on the plane and following the crew's instructions during the flight.

Upon arrival

According to the rules of our airline, after landing children who travel alone, get off the plane last. Their safety is our absolute priority.

A SkyUp Airlines representative will take the child to the terminal and pass him/her on to the person with whom you have arranged to meet the child. Please remind this person to have his/her identity document with a photo.

*Paid in the national currency of the country of departure at the rate on the day of payment

**Only for citizens of Ukraine