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The main city and tourist gateway to Cyprus. Larnaca lives with no rush and does not try to appear better than it is or win in the tourist race. And these peculiarities make it the right place to taste life. Lying on the beach from morning until sunset, catching the local vibe in authentic taverns and exploring the architectural heritage.


How to move

Bus No. 425 from the airport to the city center runs every half hour. The ticket costs about €1.5*, and the timetable is easy to find at the bus stop or Cyprus By Bus transport site of Cyprus.

In the very place, it is better to move on foot: the distances are small, and you will better feel the atmosphere. And if you want to move on municipal transport, there are a lot of buses here. An unlimited full-day pass costs around € 5*, while a one-time pass costs € 1.5*. Buy a ticket from the driver.

There are also many bicycles and electric scooters here. You can rent a bike from Sunny Cycles, and a scooter from YouDrive lite. To unlock a scooter you have to pay € 0.5*. Each minute of skiing will cost approximately € 0.15*.

The island is also great to explore by car. There are many rental services, and the price per rental day starts from €18*. The longer the rental period, the lower the cost will be. But do not forget that the traffic on the island is left-hand. Gasoline will cost around €1.3-1.5* per liter.

What to see

  • Finikoudes is a pedestrian promenade under the crowns of date trees. It stretches from Europe Square to Larnaca Fort. The most popular beach in the city is also located here. There are also many restaurants, cafes, and tourist shops. Be sure to check out the Fort and the Medieval Museum inside. The entrance ticket costs about €2.5*.

  • Laiki Geitonia is a typical but very beautiful medieval quarter. We recommend stopping by in the evening, grabbing some wine, and do not hurry.

  • Larnaca Marina. Here you can book a sea excursion and meet hundreds of local cats.

  • Piale Pasha embankment. On the one hand, the sea, and on the other, the colorful Turkish quarter.

  • Aliki Salt Lake and Aphrodite Trail. In winter, there are many flamingos, and in summer, a thick layer of salt.

  • Lefkara is a very authentic Cyprus village. This village is considered the birthplace of the national lefkaritika or lefkara laces pattern.


Falafel in pita, grilled halloumi, and delicious pastries.

The cuisine here is typically Mediterranean, which means fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, and a wide variety of cheeses. Be sure to try the local lamb and poultry dishes.

Prices in restaurants and local taverns differ in favor of the latter. For example, a hearty lunch for two in a tavern costs about €30*. In a restaurant, for similar dishes you will have to pay twice as much.

A light snack in the city will cost about €5*. A cup of coffee — €1.5*.

Explore (things to see out of the city)

Here is a short list of cities worth your attention:

  • Agia Napa is a city that never sleeps. It has a wide coastline, golden sands, and cliff-top beaches. And they all received the Blue Flag rating and are considered the best in Cyprus.

  • Protaras is Agia Napa's quiet neighbor. The beaches are traditionally with golden sand, and the water is replete with all shades of blue.

  • Paphos is green and cozy. And also, there are many historical sights.

  • Limassol is the financial, economic, and cultural center of the country. Day and night life rages here. Limassol stretches along the coast and is conditionally divided into two main zones: the Old City and the tourist part.


Apartments, apart-hotels, and hotels. The choice of accommodation on the island is huge. We recommend areas near the Finikoudes promenade if you want to be in the center of everything. And silence should be sought in the village of Pila, near the city.

For small apartments a little further from the center, you will pay about €50* per day. A good hotel room by the sea will cost from €65*.

And remember, the further from the beach, the cheaper.

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