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ACMI Contracts of SkyUp Airlines in Summer Season 2023

ACMI Contracts of SkyUp Airlines in Summer Season 2023

16 Nov 2023

SkyUp Airlines is systematically developing flights under ACMI contracts to countries in Europe and North Africa. During the summer aviation season — from April 1 to November 1, 2023 — SkyUp Airlines performed 6,904* flights and transported 1,047,555* passengers.

The flight program covered 43* countries and 440* routes. Such results allowed SkyUp Airlines to be among the 20 largest ACMI service providers in the European airspace in June 2023, according to ch-aviation.

The airline shows positive dynamics and increases the number of flights under ACMI contracts. We are grateful to our partners for their cooperation and continue to develop this business direction. At the same time, our strategic plans are not limited to Europe only: SkyUp Airlines received FAR129 and FAOC foreign air carrier certificates in the USA and Canada, respectively. This allows the Ukrainian airline to scale up its activities in North America, namely, to provide ACMI services and perform charter flights, comments Dmytro Seroukhov, CEO of SkyUp Airlines.

The achievements of the summer season of 2023 surpass the results of the same period of the previous year. At that time, SkyUp Airlines flew to 34* countries, performed 5,412* flights and transported 827,482* passengers.

The list of top 5 countries with the highest number of flights changed over the year. In 2022, Turkey was the leader with 1,740* flights, followed by Germany with 798* flights, Slovakia with 660* flights, Greece with 425* flights, and Moldova with 281* flights. However, this year, Moldova has taken the lead. The five most popular countries by the number of flights are as follows:

  • Moldova — 1,420* flights
  • Turkey — 1,141* flights
  • Tunisia — 656* flights
  • Egypt — 538* flights
  • Germany — 454* flights

During the 2023 summer season, SkyUp Airlines operated flights commissioned by Tunisair, FlyOne, HiSky SRL, HiSky Europe SRL, Wizz Air Malta, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, Corendon Dutch, Tailwind Airlines and FlyEgypt.

SkyUp Airlines continues to offer cooperation on ACMI contracts and is open to new projects.

* — According to SkyUp Airlines internal statistics.