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New Year's miracle for Ukrainian children: SkySanta, a meeting with FC Shakhtar and gifts from SkyUp

28 Dec 2022

The festive atmosphere gives hope and faith in the best. This winter, we all especially need little reasons to be happy. And most of all, we want, despite all the events, our children to feel warmth, care, and forget about the horrors of war, at least for a while. That is why we at SkyUp, together with our partners, have organized several events for young Ukrainians.

SkySanta visited displaced children in Poland

On For St. Nicholas Day 19 December, SkySanta visited Ukrainian children in Warsaw. He flew from Ukraine to congratulate the little ones with gifts from the SkyUp airline, which runs a charter program ordered by Join UP! tour operator from Poland.

The holiday was organized at the CHILDREN HUB center, created by the Future for Ukraine charitable foundation for the adaptation, development, and psychological support of Ukrainian displaced children in EU countries. The children received SkyUp airplane models and branded backpacks as a gift.

"Currently, thousands of Ukrainian mothers and children are forced to stay abroad, escaping from the war. In these difficult times, it is so important to give children care and a joyful mood, especially on Saint Nicholas Day! That is why our SkySanta came with gifts to wonderful children in the Polish CHILDREN HUB. We believe that their cherished dream will soon come true, namely a winning flight home", said Marianna Hryhorash, Head of Marketing at SkyUp.

SkySanta on SkyUp wings

Our passengers also received a mental charge of positivity and festive mood. On 22 December, on a charter flight ordered by Join UP! from Rzeszów to Sharm El Sheikh, Santa greeted little passengers with the coming New Year.

The little ones chatted and took a photo with their favorite fairy-tale character. As a gift, the children received SkyUp airplane models and gifts from permanent partners, Yakaboo bookstore and Dodo Toys children's toy store.

SkyUp pilots and flight attendants, together with FC Shakhtar, visited the gymnasium in Bucha

On 22 December, our crews and representatives of the football club met with students of the 5–6 grades of the Bucha Ukrainian Gymnasium, where mostly children of internally displaced persons and those who were under occupation study.

Our team talked with the children about the profession of pilots and flight attendants and about the work of the airline during the war. Together with the students of the gymnasium, they made paper airplanes and organized competitions, and with the trainer of Shakhtar Social, they conducted football training session. To commemorate this meeting, the children received airplane models and goodies from SkyUp, as well as balls and bracelets from FC Shakhtar. After the holidays, another meeting with high school students is planned.

Giving each other a piece of warmth, supporting children, and continuing to work for our victory is the best thing we can do in these difficult times. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Together we'll stand!