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Travel with maximum comfort and without queues at airports: HighPass service for SkyUp passengers

12 Nov 2021

Convenient, timely, and easy passing of all formalities at the airports of departure and arrival, as well as waiting for the flight, is as important integral part of a pleasant and successful trip as the flight itself. SkyUp Airlines' partner, the global online service HighPass, will ensure that your experience at airports is exactly like that.

How to order an upgrade of comfort level at the airport with HighPass

Using the HighPass online service, you can easily and conveniently book and pay for related services in a few clicks, so that your stay at the airports is always pleasant and comfortable. You can book and pay for the required service when booking a ticket on the carrier's website or later in your personal account on or in the section For Passengers — Important and Helpful — Airport without queues HighPass.

Next level comfort

Airlines around the world provide opportunities to book airport comfort services. SkyUp Airlines not only joined them, but also became the first carrier with which you can book a more comfortable and relaxed stay at the airport exclusively during booking a ticket on the website.

List of HighPass services

The international online service HighPass offers the following services:

  • Fast Track — easy and relaxed passage of security and passport checkpoints (passport checkpoint is currently unavailable at some airports) out of queues through a separate airport checkpoint lane (an automatic validation system)

  • Meet & Greet — a personal assistant who meets the passenger at the entrance to the terminal, accompanies and helps with baggage check-in and fast track all pre-flight and post-flight procedures (flight check-in and passport checkpoint are currently unavailable at some airports) 

  • Business Lounge — comfortable waiting in separate premium areas in the departure hall. While waiting for your flight in the terminal, you can organize a comfortable space: with a comfortable seating area, free drinks and snacks, Wi-Fi and a printer for working online and with documents, etc. Some airports provide massage chairs, smoking rooms, and showers.

  • VIP Service — a comprehensive individual service. The passenger uses a separate terminal or terminal section, separately from other passengers, and a parking area. A personal assistant will take care of all the details: from fast track all pre-flight and post-flight procedures and assistance with baggage check-in to catering and a personal transfer from the terminal to the airplane and back to the terminal.

The list and cost of services depends on the airport. In general, the service is already available in more than 60% of the airports in which SkyUp Airlines operate flights, and continues to be gradually introduced in all relevant destinations of the carrier.

Management and cancellation of the order 

In the case of ordering a service when booking a ticket or follow-up ordering after purchasing a ticket in the passenger's personal account on the carrier's website, you can manage and cancel it by contacting the SkyUp support service at [email protected].

When the service is ordered in the section Passengers — Important and Helpful — Airport without queues HighPass, you can manage your order and cancel it in your personal account on the website of HighPass international online service. The passenger receives access to the personal account by email specified when placing the order.

Cancellation policies vary by departure/arrival airport. The details can be found when choosing a service, as well as in the voucher that the passenger receives after payment to specified in the order email.

For any questions about the provision of HighPass services, please contact the support service using the contacts in the voucher received after placing and paying for the order.

Travel comfortably and safely, and discover the world with SkyUp.