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About the current situation in the country and the operations of SkyUp Airlines

24 Feb 2022

Current situation

According to UkSATSE, from 2:45 Kyiv time on 24 February 2022, the airspace of Ukraine is closed for civil traffic.

Passengers and employees of the Boryspil airport were evacuated. Departures from the regions were not scheduled.

Now, almost the entire SkyUp fleet is located abroad: three aircraft are in Egypt, one is in Moldova, one more is in Kyiv, three are in Romania, four are in Estonia, and one more each is in Serbia and Bulgaria.

Passengers of the flight, which flew from Tashkent and landed in Chisinau, are planned to be taken by bus to Kyiv.

Information for passengers

SkyUp passengers who are abroad should contact the local consular services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for information and clarification on the further steps.

We inform you that sales on all flights are closed until March 9, 2022. Those passengers who have tickets for regular SkyUp flights from February 24, 2022 to March 09, 2022 will be able to apply for a refund on the passenger's balance in the personal account on the airline's website. You can apply for a refund on these dates both now and later until March 31, 2022.

We also remind that after returning to the balance, the funds can be used at any time later, when the situation stabilizes.

Keep in touch

We are in touch with our passengers, partners, and state bodies.

Due to interruptions in telephone service, the airline's hotline is now unstable. Please send requests to [email protected] and private messages on social media pages — SkyUp Airlines on Facebook and skyup.aero on Instagram.

We are monitoring developments and will promptly update the publication as soon as new information becomes available.

Please remain calm and stay at home until official government notices. Listen only to information from official channels — the State Emergency Service, city state administrations, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and other state bodies and state officials.