SkyUp updated fares provide more opportunities and benefits

22 Feb 2021

SkyUp Airlines always aims to make the flight more comfortable for passengers. That is why, from February 22, 2021, we have updated the fares to provide an opportunity for everyone to choose what they need.

Travel with a minimum amount of hand luggage, or add more baggage for gifts; plan the exact date of departure, or keep the opportunity to change it; choose seats in front or in the middle of the aircraft. SkyUp passengers decide what they want.


  • Basic is a starting fare that will suit for those who prefer efficient travel without additional services.
  • Standard is a classic and convenient option for anyone who needs a balance of price and additional features.
  • Flex is the uncompromising choice of true travel fans looking to get the most out of the journey.

Fares in details:

Fare parameters




Hand luggage

9 kg (55x40x20)

9 kg (55x40x20) + 

5 kg (35x20x10)

9 кг (55x40x20) + 

9 кг (55x40x20)


1 piece up to 23 kg (the sum of the dimensions 158 cm)

1 piece up to 32 kg (the sum of the dimensions 158 cm)

Change date before departure

$50* (in case of request more than 12 hours before departure)

free (in case of request more than 12 hours before departure)

Refund before departure

$50* (in case of request more than 12 hours before departure)


online in 48 hours

online within 15 days before departure

online for 30 days before departure, or free at the airport

Choose seat


seats after the 5th row and to the end of the cabin, except for seats near emergency exits

any seats in the plane

Special discount

10% discount for additional services

20% discount for additional services

Priority service


You can find out more about the fares in a special section on our website. Choose what you need and discover the world with SkyUp.


* The price is valid at the time of publication. The service is paid in national currency according to the NBU exchange rate on the day of payment.

** Changing the departure date is free, subject to the availability of an identical ticket price.
If a ticket of a lower cost is available, the difference is not refundable.
If a ticket of a higher value is on sale, the date is changed by purchasing a new Flex ticket at the price available on the date of purchase.