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SkyUp launches the passenger balance

28 Sep 2020

Passenger balance is a completely new tool* in the personal account on the SkyUp website. It will allow our passengers to receive promo codes for discounts, gifts, and promotional bonuses, as well as refunds for canceled flights immediately on their own balance. Refundable funds can also be withdrawn to the passenger's bank card.

UPD: After the balance was launched, due to many returns, some users may have encountered the following errors:

1. No button of withdrawal to the card (the problem is solved as of this update’s publication);
2. Funds were not credited to the balance in full (the problem is solved as of this update’s publication);
3. Some users have not yet received funds for canceled flights on the balance (for such bookings, passengers will receive funds within a few days).

We apologize for the inconvenience. The new function works in beta-version, so problems are possible. Our team works 24/7 to get it out of beta-version as soon as possible.

Balance benefits:
  • in case of flight cancellation (for any reason: at the initiative of the airline or due to quarantine restrictions) the full cost of the ticket will be automatically credited to the passenger's balance in the personal account;
  • all funds are stored on the passenger's balance without time limit;
  • funds can be used to purchase any airline’s tickets or services on the website;
  • funds on the balance can be used to the last hryvnia for any number of bookings;
  • these funds can be used to buy tickets for friends, relatives, and not only for the account holder;
  • refundable funds can be withdrawn to a bank card.

Passenger balance: questions and answers

  • The airline canceled the flight due to quarantine restrictions in the destination country. What will happen to my ticket?

As soon as the airline cancels the flight (for any reason), the funds for your ticket for this flight in full will be automatically credited to your balance. You do not need to contact the company – the funds will already be at your disposal.

  • I have been credited to my balance for an unused ticket, but I want to get money on my bank card. What shall I do?

We have provided an opportunity to withdraw money from the balance to the card. Click the "Withdraw to the bank card" button and follow the instructions to send a request for refund. After considering the claim, we will credit the refundable funds to the bank card from which the ticket was paid.

  • My friend wants to take a SkyUp flight. Can I buy him a ticket by means of my balance?

Of course. Book tickets by entering the passport data of the right passenger and pay for them with funds from your balance.

  • I bought a ticket at the Basic fare, the rules of which do not provide for a full refund. Can I count on a refund if the flight is canceled?

You will receive the full cost of tickets on your balance in your personal account. All of it can be used to purchase airline’s tickets and services, and withdrawal of money on the card is possible only in the amount provided by the rules of the fare.

  • My flight has been canceled and I want to change travel dates in the same direction. Can I do this in my personal account?

Having automatically received funds in full on your balance in your personal account, you can dispose of them to purchase new airline tickets for any available dates.

  • I have a promo code for 120% of the amount of my canceled reservation. Can this amount be credited to my balance?

Yes. Simply enter your promo code in the "Promo code to balance" field and click "Apply". The entire amount of the promo code will be at your disposal immediately. The advantage is that the promo code has a validity period, and the funds on the balance will be stored without time limit.

Please note that promo codes for a discount as a percentage of the ticket price, and not of a specific amount, cannot be credited to the balance.

  • My flight was canceled a few months ago, I applied to the airline for a refund, but have not yet received the money. What will change with the launch of the balance?

If you have already applied to the airline, but have not yet used the reimbursement options offered to you, when the balance is launched you will automatically receive the full amount for tickets for the canceled flight to your balance in your personal account.

  • I bought tickets on the airline's website but did not create a personal account. How do I get money on the balance for an unused ticket?

Register your account – it is very simple. In the authorization field, enter the e-mail that you used to receive tickets and click the "Recover password" button. All your previous bookings will be displayed in your account. Your personal balance will also be available there. 


* launched in beta-version