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Let’s open Dusseldorf together on the wings of SkyUp starting in May

Let’s open Dusseldorf together on the wings of SkyUp starting in May

23 Dec 2020

We continue to expand our route map for the German direction. From 28 May 2021 we’ll also start flying to Dusseldorf. We’ll operate Kyiv — Dusseldorf and Dusseldorf — Kyiv flights three times a week: on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Get to know Germany like a whole world with us. We’ve already announced the routes Kyiv — Berlin to the east of the country and Kyiv — Stuttgart to the south. Now we’re opening the opportunity to get acquainted with the western part of this modern European country.

Tickets are already available on skyup.aero for the price:

  • Kyiv — Dusseldorf, from $51* without luggage
  • Dusseldorf — Kyiv, from $59* without luggage

Furthermore, with us you can safely plan a trip throughout the country at once, both for business and as a tourist. Fly to Berlin, for example, head south to west Germany and fly home from Dusseldorf.

Even one day in Dusseldorf can leave pleasant memories for the year ahead. And there are a lot of reasons to come here:

  • Dusseldorf is one of the country's business centres. Together with Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt, it is one of the country's important industrial, scientific, economic, financial, and investment centers.
  • It’s a popular destination for shopping tours. The assortment here is trendy, and the prices are moderate, in contrast to that designer Berlin. Although those who prefer expensive shopping will find something interesting on Konigsallee street.
  • The city is full of attractions, from numerous museums and galleries to unusual graffiti and quaint buildings without a single even wall. At the very least, it is worth taking a stroll through the Old Town and having a cocktail at the Rheinturm TV tower at an altitude of 168 meters with stunning views of the city.
  • Citizens know how to have fun here. The jester and the bully are symbols of Dusseldorf. Every year on 11 November at 11:11 on the main square in the city centre, a bright and cheerful performance opens the carnival season, which lasts several months. In May, the Jazz Rally festival takes place here, and at the end of June the city turns into a triathlon centre for several days. In July, the largest fair in the Rhineland takes place here, and in September — the knights' festival at Eller Castle.

To avoid worries about a possible extension of the current restrictions on flights, you can use the Flex fare options, including a free change of the departure date, which can be used three times. If we’re unable to complete the flight due to current restrictions, the money for the unused ticket will be credited to the passenger's balance, which can be used in the personal account on our website.

*Ticket prices are as of the date of publication