Refund of tickets with departure date during the quarantine period: SkyUp offers a 120% promotional code

24 Apr 2020

As the quarantine is extended until May 11, 2020, SkyUp Airlines offers the opportunity to receive a 120% promotional code of the amount of the reservation which is being cancelled in order to reimburse the cost of tickets with departure during this period. The promotional code is valid for one year, can be transferred to another person and applies to any tickets and company services within the new amount.

What is a 120% promotional code and how it works

As a refund option for canceled flights, we propose passengers to receive a promotional code for 120% of the amount of the canceled reservation. You can use the promotional code when paying for tickets and services for any direction of the airline.

Having a promotional code, you can:

  • use it within one year from the date of the first flight indicated in the current reservation;
  • offer it to friends or transfer it to another person, since it is not nominative;
  • buy any quantity of tickets (within the new amount) or use it as part of the payment when purchasing a more expensive ticket.
  • use each hryvnia of a new amount, since the remainder from the purchase of a new ticket can be used for another reservation within the validity period of the promotional code.

Why is it better to choose a promotional code instead of a refund for a canceled flight? Unlike reimbursement for a ticket in accordance with the terms of the fare, which often provides for only a partial refund, receiving a promotional code allows you to save the entire amount and get an additional 20% so that you can use the airline services again after quarantine.

How to get a promotional code

All passengers who purchased tickets with a departure during the quarantine period (until May 11 inclusive) are entitled to a free rebooking on other dates or to reimburse the cost of the ticket in accordance with the terms of the fare at which the ticket was purchased.

If the passenger chooses to refund the ticket price, we offer the following options:

  • to receive a monetary refund of the cost of the ticket according to the standard procedure (in the amount stipulated by the terms of the fare);
  • to get a promotional code for 120% of the amount of the canceled reservation.

In any case, the passenger must first send a request to the airline. In response, you will receive a letter with possible options, among which you will choose the one you prefer, as well as instructions for further steps. After a passenger receives a promotional code, a previous reservation will be automatically canceled.

UPD. Important:

  • after receiving the promotional code, it will not be possible any longer to refund the ticket price in cash;
  • addition: if the promotional code discount is equal to or greater than the amount of the new booking price when buying a new ticket, then it is necessary to pay 2 hryvnia for each ticket separately;
  • the promotional code cannot be used to purchase tickets for special flights of the airline.

We at SkyUp sincerely regret that the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic and the quarantine measures taken in this regard have affected our ability to provide travel for our passengers. All requests about canceled flights will be processed. We hope that this new opportunity to receive a promotional code instead of a cash refund will be useful and beneficial for our passengers.