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Weekend for U on the wings of SkyUp — a new format for short trips with maximum impressions

27 Oct 2020

Traveling by airline is our passion and we continue to experiment to make it even more fun for our passengers. Already on 6 November, we’re launching a new travel format with SkyUp — Weekend for U. These will be short trips in a circle of like-minded 14 people at most lasting 4 days. Weekend is a ready-made trip, which includes a flight ticket, a hotel, an author's excursion programme, accompanied by a licensed guide and a group leader. A photographer will also join the first group.

We’ll spend the first 4-day weekend in Istanbul. The cost of travel, excluding personal expenses and food expenses (lunches and dinners), will amount to €550*. You can view the travel programьу and purchase it on a special page.

We’re inspired to create weekends by the format of short spontaneous travel, which is widespread in Western countries. Our mission is to make Ukrainians fall in love with travel and help them discover their country and the world, traveling by airline quickly, comfortably and safely. A few clicks — and you’re on vacation, while we’ll take care of all the rest”,  says Sara Polushina, Project Manager for Weekend for U.

Weekend for U in Istanbul was created together with the creators of the Heads and Tails TV show

This is an opportunity to get a WOW experience. Marina Grankina, a producer of the Heads and Tails TV show and a traveler who has already discovered 70 countries, not only participated in the creation of the programme, but will personally guide you along the cult routes from the TV show only during the first Istanbul weekend.

Comfortable flight on the wings of SkyUp, accommodation in the center of Istanbul in a five-star hotel, instaspots like in the pictures, little-known places and maximum emotions every day — these all we planned for an unforgettable weekend in Turkey for those who are looking for new experiences.

Weekend for U vs. CityBreak — what's the difference 

This fall, we’re launching two new travel formats for our passengers on the flights of Ukrainian low-cost airline SkyUp — flash travel for 2-4 days in Ukraine and abroad CityBreak and 4-day international travel Weekend for U.

CityBreak is a smart vacation for those who value their time and comfort and do not plan to leave their business for a long time, but need to switch to other activities. The price of the offer includes flight tickets and hotel at a special price. You can choose the direction to reset and quickly reboot in a special section.

Weekend for U is a ready-made smart solution for those who choose maximum emotions and minimum organizational issues for their vacation. The offer includes a flight ticket, hotel, excursion programme accompanied by a licensed guide and a group leader. All you need is to carve out a few days for traveling in your busy schedule — and warm memories with vivid photos from the best Instagram locations will give you strength and energy week ahead. We start weekends from Istanbul. Stay tuned for updates about new directions on skyup.aero and our official pages on social networks.

*The price is as of the date of publication