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You want – you fly: CityBreak on the wings of SkyUp Airlines

You want – you fly: CityBreak on the wings of SkyUp Airlines

22 Jul 2020

CityBreak is a 2-3 days travel format, quite new for Ukraine, which has long become a trend in the world. A flight and a hotel at a special package price – this is an opportunity to escape after a working week to another city for a few days to relax and recharge. It is a flash holiday in just 50 minutes of flight away.

Starting from July 21, on the airline's website, you can buy tickets to Kiev, Lviv and Odessa and at the same time book a hotel in order to spend the weekend without unnecessary hassle, restore the lost balance and return to your usual life with renewed vigor on Monday.

What is CityBreak

You want – you fly! This is how we define the main idea of ​​our new travel format CityBreak on the wings of SkyUp.

The idea of ​​city breaks is a global travel trend. Planning a classic vacation in today's dynamic world, where every day brings new challenges and everything changes almost every hour, is becoming increasingly difficult. But there is a great alternative: in a few days of spontaneous "escape" to another city, you can get as many emotions and impressions as in 10-14 days of a regular vacation. At the same time, you do not need to worry about choosing a hotel, looking for reviews or for the best price. On our site there is already a selection of the best hotels, 3, 4 or 5 stars, prepared by our travel partner, at a price as for ourselves. It is in tandem with an air ticket that you can get a profitable proposition and a ready-made solution for your vacation next weekend.

Who might be interested in such a travel format

Neither age nor social status matters if you are an active person and love to travel. City breaks are the perfect solution for everyone who is open to new experiences and easily agrees to spontaneous adventures. Even hard-core workaholics have weekends, so the opportunity to relax, gain strength or even just change scenery will suit everyone. It is very easy to book a spontaneous vacation in one click, this what CityBreak is.

Routes and prices

The new CityBreak project starts with travels in Ukraine. As soon as quarantine restrictions are eased and the borders are open for free crossing, we will offer our travelers different destinations in Europe.

From July 22 on the website you can buy flights and accommodation in these cities:

  • Odesa – departing from Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkiv;
  • Kyiv – departing from Odesa;
  • Lviv – departing from Odesa and Kherson.

The cost** of a city break for two for 3 days starts:

  • in Odesa – from 3 800 UAH (4* hotel), from 4 800 UAH (5* hotel);
  • in Lviv – from 4 200 UAH (4* hotel), from 5 200 UAH (5* hotel);
  • in Kyiv – from 3 800 UAH (4* hotel), from 8 000 UAH (5* hotel).

Fly now – pay later. As for other SkyUp services and air tickets, you can pay by installments for CityBreak. We will offer you this option at the last step before payment.

The format of short spontaneous trips is very common in Europe and the world. At SkyUp, we strive to introduce Ukrainians to the culture of travel and encourage them to fly more, because it is affordable, comfortable, and safe. And despite hundreds of kilometers, new experiences are just around the corner – just one hour's flight away. In just one click you are on vacation.


** prices are as of the date of publication and include the cost of two round-trip tickets and hotel accommodation for two people for 2 nights